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21/22 Membership Application and Renewal forms can be downloaded by right clicking the links.

Hi, this is Robbie Philip and as you are probably aware I am the committee member responsible for getting your Monthly Speaker. Due to Covid many of the Speakers I have details for are no longer doing Talks, or only doing Zoom Talks or have just disappeared. I am sure that some of you will be aware of good, interesting Speakers who can communicate well and who would be well received by our Membership. If you do know of anyone, can you please pass on their details to me with a short summary of what there Talk is about. Many thanks.


Good news the cribbage has started again. Please go the relevant group page for more details


Group News


Do you creative writing? If so John Hawkswell would be interested in hearing from you about starting a new group. Please contact via the group page.


If you are interested in film and cinema a new group has been set up. Please go to the group page


Jean and Jim West would be interested in starting a ballroom dancing group for all dancers of all levels. If interested please contact them on


Sue Grierson has offered to lead a meditation group. For more details please contact Sue via email or on 01452 857831/07783061063


A wine appreciation group is starting in November. For more details please go the group page.


Finally please contact Norman on if you are interested in speaking welsh. Also are you interested in architecture, particularly from 1850 onwards? Please contact Norman by email.,


Does anyone have an old laptop that groups could use to play cds or dvds? If so please contact Louise Keeling on


Chairman's report '21 and last years accounts are available under AGM. Please note also Paul Grierson was elected chairman and Jane Moore as secretary


Please go to the members' page for a reflection from Roger Streatfield on Churchdown u3a being the 1000th u3a group.


All our meetings will be strictly members only, but if you are not yet a member, this is an excellent time to join as the six months’ membership extension will apply to new members as well. You can join any time between now and Sept 30th and enjoy the full benefits of membership at no extra cost till September 30th 2022.


The September Group Meeting held on Wednesday 22nd was really well attended and seemed to be enjoyed by all attendees. The previous Meeting in August was attended by 44 Members and although we did expect a slight increase it was far more than we anticipated as 80 Members turned up, which was great. I thought I had put out sufficient chairs out but had to keep getting more and more!

The Meeting was advertised as a Welcome Back and the main aim was as the title suggested was to welcome back Members. The new Chairman Paul Grierson in his opening remarks welcomed all attendees and then introduced each of the Committee Members in turn who made themselves known to the audience. Before proceeding any further Paul informed the audience that, with regard to covid, the committee had agreed that for all inside Group events all attending should be double jabbed and he wished to seek the membership’s agreement. It was put to the vote and passed unanimously. He also informed the Membership that only u3a members could attend u3a events, no guests being permitted. Of course, the easy way around this is to simply join, a single membership being £12. Paul then asked Louise Keeling to inform the audience of all the groups currently active.

Louise, the Group Coordinator, informed the audience that there were currently 21 Groups that were active, and she went on to name them individually and give a brief description where necessary. She then called upon several Group leaders to inform the audience in more detail regarding their individual Group. Louise also mentioned that a few Groups were looking for Leaders among them the Archaeology Group and the Family History Group. I am please to say that before the end of the Meeting a Leader had been found for the Family History Group and details can be found on the website.
The Meeting ended with all attendees being offered a glass of wine, tea or coffee and cake or biscuits. All in all a very successful Meeting enjoyed by all.



  • In future all reports and information about the monthly meetings, held on the third Wednesday of the month, will be on the welcome page and dates are also shown on the events page
  • The December newsletter is now available under Links
  • There is now a local news page at the top of the welcome page where local information may be found.



If you don’t have your own transport, how do you get to your chosen Interest Group Meetings?
• We believe that, like other U3As, the spirit of friendliness is alive and well amongst all our 200 members.
• Some members without transport have lifts from friends who attend the same group(s) – so, no problem
But what should you do if you want to attend a group where you know no one and have no access to a lift?

Here is a suggestion:

Tell someone about your difficulty. Contact the relevant group leader or Louise Keeling, our Groups’ Coordinator, or another Committee Member. They will try and help if they can.

But please remember:

  • You are expected to pay towards the travel cost of a lift.
  • We are not running a taxi service. It all depends on people’s goodwill.
  • Keep your communication lines open and let people know if you don’t need a lift.



If you do not receive a reply from a Group Leader or a Committee Member within five working days please contact another committee member who will do his / her best to help you. The chances are that the person you have contacted is on holiday and so unable to reply.


Data Protection Policy

The Steering Committee has now produced a Data Protection Policy. A copy is posted in the LINKS section for your reference.


UPDATE Newsletter

The latest issue of our new Newsletter has now been circulated to all our members. If you would like to read a copy, too, then please click on the name in the Links section on this page.


Keeping in touch with the group(s) to which you belong.

As the groups form and take shape so changes are made about which we are not immediately informed. We are doing our best to keep you as up to date as possible but would suggest that you check with your group leader the time and date of your first group meeting - just to be on the safe side. Once you get to that first meeting you will, of course, be able to find out all the details of future meetings for yourself.


Membership Information

Please remember to take your card to all your Interest Group Meetings as Groups are being asked to keep an attendance record. Potential new members can still go to an interest group meeting but they will be asked to complete and submit a membership application form.

If you are not a U3A member and want to join then please download a copy of the Membership Application Form that is shown as a link on this page. If you have any questions, then do please contact a committee member.