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Once again our monthly meeting was very well attended. This month we heard about the history and the philosophy of Sue Ryder and the charity , which bears her name and in particular about the Leckhampton Hospice. Few of us knew that it is the second oldest building in Gloucestershire. In addition we have a better understanding of the services provided, the amount of money needed to continue to support patients and families and that above all the charity is about living life to the full.


The Siege relived – on air! Our next monthly meeting Nov 20th 2:00 at the CCA.

Alan Morgan explains and illustrates his dramatic radio recreation of the historic Siege of Gloucester.
The Siege of Gloucester was an engagement in the First English Civil War. It took place between 10 August and 5 September 1643, between the defending Parliamentarian garrison of Gloucester and the besieging army of King Charles I. The siege ended with the arrival of a relieving Parliamentarian army under the Earl of Essex. The Royalist forces withdrew, having sustained heavy casualties and had several cannons disabled as a result of sallies made by the defenders.



  • In future all reports and information about the monthly meetings, held on the third Wednesday of the month, will be on the welcome page and dates are also shown on the events page
  • September Update is now available under Links
  • There is now a group page where all details of future trips can be found.Please go to this page for the pre-theatre menu for Nov 21st
  • The Whist Group will be starting on October 1st 2-4 at the Methodist Church, Chapelhay Lane Churchdown, all are welcome. For more details please go to the whist group page
  • Please note the Petanque area is not available on Thursdays in October but we are playing on Mondays 7th and 21st.


Let Us Know!!

Dear Members
We currently have 20 groups, with our newly formed Whist Group and a Gardening Group, all of which meet regularly and where we can socialise, learn from each other and have fun! I'm sure that we all appreciate the Group Leaders' hard work in organising activities and venues. As we can't belong to all 20 it would be interesting to get a flavour in what happens in the various groups. If you belong to a group and have a spare 10 minutes, please write a few lines which give an idea of what goes on in your group. Alternatively, if the group is happy to be photographed you could send a photo/photos!! Please send them to Louise Keeling (Webmaster) who can put them on the website.

Also, if you are interested in starting a new group and would like to know what is involved then please contact me.

Jill Bunting
Group Coordinator



If you don’t have your own transport, how do you get to your chosen Interest Group Meetings?
• We believe that, like other U3As, the spirit of friendliness is alive and well amongst all our 200 members.
• Some members without transport have lifts from friends who attend the same group(s) – so, no problem
But what should you do if you want to attend a group where you know no one and have no access to a lift?

Here is a suggestion:

Tell someone about your difficulty. Contact the relevant group leader or Patricia Youngson, our Groups’ Coordinator, or another Committee Member. They will try and help if they can.

But please remember:

  • You are expected to pay towards the travel cost of a lift.
  • We are not running a taxi service. It all depends on people’s goodwill.
  • Keep your communication lines open and let people know if you don’t need a lift.



If you do not receive a reply from a Group Leader or a Committee Member within five working days please contact another committee member who will do his / her best to help you. The chances are that the person you have contacted is on holiday and so unable to reply.


Data Protection Policy

The Steering Committee has now produced a Data Protection Policy. A copy is posted in the LINKS section for your reference.


UPDATE Newsletter

The latest issue of our new Newsletter has now been circulated to all our members. If you would like to read a copy, too, then please click on the name in the Links section on this page.


Keeping in touch with the group(s) to which you belong.

As the groups form and take shape so changes are made about which we are not immediately informed. We are doing our best to keep you as up to date as possible but would suggest that you check with your group leader the time and date of your first group meeting - just to be on the safe side. Once you get to that first meeting you will, of course, be able to find out all the details of future meetings for yourself.


Membership Information

Please remember to take your card to all your Interest Group Meetings as Groups are being asked to keep an attendance record. Potential new members can still go to an interest group meeting but they will be asked to complete and submit a membership application form.

If you are not a U3A member and want to join then please download a copy of the Membership Application Form that is shown as a link on this page. If you have any questions, then do please contact a committee member.