Chudleigh & District

Welcome to the U3A

Chudleigh & District U3A, formally launched on 11th July 2018, is a charitable association offering a growing range of study and leisure activities for those who are no longer working and have some time on their hands. No qualifications are necessary and there is no upper age limit - just a thirst for learning and/or friendly company.

Monthly Meetings are held at The Woodway Room Chudleigh Town Hall @ 10:00 - 12:00.You are welcome to attend one or two of these meetings as a visitor to meet members and group organisers,to listen to our guest speaker and to get a feel for what the U3A has to offer. Members and visitors pay £1.00 to attend these meetings - this includes tea or coffee.

We already have 121 members and more than 17 active Groups or Events, - see News for an update.

It is a great way to meet local people and to make friends with neighbours. Costs are minimal because our activities are organised by our members, who share their skills, experience and expertise.

Steering Committee
Our Steering Committee members are busy, recruiting new members, identifying activities and Group Co-ordinators willing to lead them; organising venues, and setting up the infrastructure for keeping members informed and in-touch.

Click on the Groups button to see the numerous different study, creative or leisure interest group meetings that have already been scheduled. There are to be regular monthly meetings in the Woodway room at Chudleigh Town Hall, at which a guest speaker will give a talk of general interest. In addition, outings to theatres and places of interest are being arranged: see Events.

Please use the links (in the sidebar) and the main menu buttons to explore in detail what we have to offer. As a member you will receive a monthly newsletter and diary keeping you informed of what is going on. See News for our most recent web-letter.

New Members Welcome
If you are not already a member, new members can join here by contacting the Membership Officer or use the Join Us! link on the right. You may pay by credit or debit card, use a PayPal account, or send us a cheque. If a new member joins 6 months or more after the start of the membership year the membership fee for that year will be reduced by 50%

Contacts and venues for the groups can be seen on the Group page and are given in the monthly diary provided to members.

Please see our Data Protection and Privacy Policies given in the links on this page. You may review the data we hold about you using the Members' Portal link in the sidebar.

Contacting other Members If you wish to contact another member by e mail please contact Beacon Site Administrator who will forward your request on to the relevant person.