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18/10NEWS page updated with information from our October Newsletter.
06/10Updates to reflect the re-launch of our digital photography group under a new name. See TAKE BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS page for details. Pages relating to our Spring Photo Competition deleted.
05/10EVENTS page updated to show a planned visit to Winchester, and a change to the topic and speaker at the November monthly meeting.
21/09Big tidy-up for the new academic year. Pages for 3 groups deleted because they are no longer operating. Amendments to meeting times and locations, and a few Group Leader changes.
04/09Statement on COVID-19 on our GROUPS page updated to reflect recent progress in returning to in-person meetings.
04/09ENJOYING CLASSICAL MUSIC group page removed from the website. (Group no longer meeting).
31/08Link to a summary of the committee meeting on 28th August added to the IN THE LOOP page.
30/08EVENTS page updated to show details of the November monthly meeting
16/08EVENTS page updated to show details of the October monthly meeting and to reflect plans to return to in-person monthly meetings.
15/08Meeting time of PATCHWORK AND QUILTING group updated. Time and venue updated for SINGING FOR FUN.
15/08COOKTALK group deleted. (ceased) KEATS group deleted. (Merged into LITERATURE AND POETRY.)
03/08Link to a summary of the committee meeting on 30th July added to the IN THE LOOP page.