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19/03Chairman's special bulletin about Chorleywood U3A's response to the current emergency added to the NEWS page.
18/03HOME, EVENTS and GROUPS pages updated to reflect suspension of all face-to-face meetings and activities.
06/03March Monthly Bulletin posted on the NEWS page.
06/03Page created for the new APPLE USERS group.
05/03Preliminary details of planned visits to Kew Gardens and Eltham Palace added to the EVENTS page.
05/03Details of planned visit to Wimbledon Tennis Centre added to the EVENTS page,
05/03Summary of the committee meeting on 21st February added to the IN THE LOOP page.
26/02New members' application form, downloadable from the WELCOME page, changed to reflect the reduced subscription for the remaining months of the 2019-2020 membership year.
18/02Information about the talks at our regular monthly meetings in April, May and June added to the EVENTS page.
16/02Details of a planned visit to Apsley House and the Wellington Arch added to the EVENTS page.
05/02HANDBELLS group page removed as the group is currently not operating.
28/01AMBLERS page modified to show that we are looking for a leader.
28/01ANTIQUES AND COLLECTABLES group page removed, as the group is no longer operating.
24/01WATERCOLOURS FOR PLEASURE group page removed, as the group is no longer operating.
15/01New web page created for LINE DANCING and made accessible via our GROUPS page.
15/01Details of planned backstage tour of the Royal Opera House added to the EVENTS page.
10/01Link to 2018 AGM minutes (tabled at 2019 AGM) added to IN THE LOOP page.
10/01Updated version 2019 AGM minutes replaces earlier version available via IN THE LOOP page. (Addition to item 8).