Join us!

We welcome new members to our 400 strong u3a. If you have reached the stage of life when you have finished full-time employment, are no longer looking after children and are looking for something worthwhile to do where you can meet like-minded people, do come and join us. There are no entry requirements and no exams.

As you will be able to see from the GROUPS page of this website, we have more than 40 interest groups that meet regularly. Some are physically active and others are rather more sedentary. We hope you will spot some dedicated to subjects you will want to pursue, to keep fit, develop an existing interest, learn new skills, or simply have fun.

Each month we have a general meeting at which the main feature is a speaker on a subject of broad general interest. (See our EVENTS page.) In normal times this provides an opportunity to meet a wider circle of members beyond those you would normally meet in your subject groups.

Our monthly meeting and many of our subject groups have moved on-line while in-person meetings have been prevented by COVID-19. We look forward to being able to transition carefully back to meeting in person later this year, if the situation improves as outlined in the government's timetable.

Similarly, we look forward to resuming our normal programme of educational visits to places of interest.

So how do I join?

The membership fee for the forthcoming year ending in August 2022 is £20 per person, which you can pay by electronic transfer, or by cheque. The fee includes a subscription to the "Third Age Matters" magazine.

You can find a membership application form by clicking or tapping -FORM-. Your web browser should give you options to print it directly or to download it for later printing.

The form has two "pages" which are intended for printing on opposite sides of a single sheet. It will really be appreciated if you can print it this way rather than on two separate sheets. On a typical printer with two-sided printing capability this will mean setting the printer menu to print both sides and to flip on the long side.

The form tells you where to send it once completed, and includes the information you may need to arrange payment. On receipt of a completed membership application form and payment, our Membership Secretary will send you a Welcome information pack, together with your membership card. The card will be needed for future physical meetings and also acts as a receipt. Please let her know if you do not receive these items within 3 weeks.

If you are thinking about joining, and still have questions after viewing this website and looking at the membership application form, our Membership Secretary will be very pleased to try to help you. You can send her an email from here by clicking or tapping on her title, or you can phone her on 01923 774314.