Chiswell Green

Herts Network of u3a

A group of 37 u3as (and growing) from across Hertfordshire offering support and encouragement to one another. Their objectives are to advance the education of members of the u3as within the local network.


Herts Network of u3as have produced a very simple spreadsheet tool for use by participating network members and their u3a members.
It lists every current group within each of our participating u3as against the name of the u3a, and includes a category (e.g. ‘Languages’ or “Board Games”) against each group. This makes it quick and easy to search for similar groups in nearby u3as. This is an Excel spreadsheet, so simply by using the ‘sort buttons’ or search commands, it is easy to produce a list of any similar groups from different u3as.

Sifting through the individual u3a websites to find neighbouring groups is possible using the Network website but going through the individual u3a sites can be a slow and onerous process.

I have undertaken, as long as I am part of the committee, to update the basic database, using the website information, every 6 months. In the interim periods, if you are updating your own groups data, you can if you wish send the updates to me and I will amend the database accordingly.
Whenever you wish, you will be able to download the basic database from the HN website, and add your own extra columns or adjust it in any way you wish. But under those circumstances the adjusted database will of course be maintained and distributed by your own u3a.
We will only develop the database with members’ consent. There is potential to add further information, such as shared or zoom-based groups if demand exists.
The database needs Office or Excel software to run, or a similar free spreadsheet such as LibreOffice: we think most potential users will have access to this type of software.

This is a tool for the use of our own network u3as and their members. It would be of minimal interest or use to outsiders, members, so should not result in unwanted spam, etc.
The spreadsheet will be available on our website as a freely downloadable file. The data relating to any u3as who object to being included will not be on the database, but of course that information is still available in the normal way, via their websites.
It will be available to every participating network member on our mailing list, but because it is not passworded anyone can access it. It will not contain any private or personal information.

IF you are happy to be included on the database, you need do nothing.
If you do not wish to take part and be on, or use, the database, please email me to tell me that you object to being included.
If you want further information before making a decision and have any comments or questions then please let me know. We intend to launch the database late March/early April, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could reply as soon as possible to

Steve Hawkins 25th March 2021