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Welcome to the website of the Chipping Norton and Area

It is planned to begin face to face meetings monthly in the Town Hall beginning on Wednesday September 1st.

READ THE August Newsletter at Links page for Newsletter August 2021


As the time for membership renewals is here (1st January 2021) the committee realises that many of you will not have enjoyed group activities or the monthly meetings this year as you could in the past. The membership fee is therefore reduced to £15 for 2021 to reflect this and also because some of our running costs are less.

The membership application form for 2021 is on the LINKS page. I would be grateful if you can fill this in online and send it to me by e-mail or print and e-mail it. However, recognising that these options might not be possible, you can let me know by letter or e-mail and we can reuse your 2020 form, checking that none of your data has changed since last year.

I am happy to answer any questions about this on:
01386 550671 or you can send an e-Mail via the Contact page to Membership Secretary

Thank you to all those who have renewed already. We hope that everyone will support the survival of our U3A by renewing your membership.

With Best Wishes on behalf of the committee.

Valerie Higgins Membership Secretary

The 'News' page contains Thames Valley Network Programme - a variety of study days and quizzes via Zoom.

Knitting for SSNAP group.

Anyone can join - there is no limit on numbers. The purpose of this group is to help Support the Sick Newborn and their Parents at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. U3A cannot supply knitters with yarn but the leader of the group, Kaye Freeman, is happy to deliver your work to the unit at the JR to avoid the cost of postage. Just contact her once you have finished your project and collection can be organised.

Please contact Kaye if you have any queries or would like a pattern. She has a few, including three for small blankets. Kaye Freeman 01608 642757. email

Items which can be given directly to the babies:

  • Blankets knitted with a very close stitch and no holes. Minimum of 24-inch squares any colour patterns.
  • Cardigans from 3lb. weight to full term size babies. Buttons/fastenings are most welcome. Blue, pink, cream and white are most popular.
  • Hats: beanie type hats that slip on to a baby's head. all sizes from one that would fit an orange up to full term baby size without any strings/ribbon.
  • Teddies: any knitted teddies of any shape and size without buttons or fastenings. Any animals are welcome!

Items that are sold for charitable donations to fund SSNAP's vital work:

  • Blankets: crocheted, any shapes or colours
  • Cardigans: any size above full term/large baby
  • Hats: any size above full term baby
  • Bootees and mittens
  • Quilted blankets of any pattern, colour, shape or size

Some Special Interest Groups are now working, using ZOOM - very successfully, too. Go to GROUPS pages for further information. Any enquiries should be addressed to:

Check out the Writing Group's efforts. Go to Groups page, click on 'Writing' and go to the links#

We hope that all our members are well. We will, of course, keep members informed as things develop. However, please note that we now have a full programme of speakers arranged for 2021. You can find this list on the Links page. Best wishes to all, and keep well.



We are a small, friendly branch of the nationwide self-help organisation, the University of the Third Age, whose emphasis is on lifelong learning through sharing educational, creative and leisure activities. The Third Age refers to the period of life when full time work is over and there is time to meet new friends, follow hobbies and interests and explore new ones. It is a charitable organisation, which has been established for over thirty years and now has over 425,000 members and more than 1,039 local branches. For more detailed information on the history and ethos of the U3A and the Third Age Trust, please click on the U3A tab on the toolbar, which will allow you to access the U3A national site.

If you are interested in joining, please contact the Membership Secretary through the CONTACT page.

If you are retired or semi-retired and enjoy learning for pleasure, not qualifications, if you would like to share your knowledge with others and make new friends, we would love to meet you. The ethos of U3A is 'Learn, Laugh, Live!' and that is exactly what we aim to do.