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Walk at Stow

Leisure Walking Group Visit to Stowe Landscape Gardens on 23 November
Stowe School
Eleven Leisure Walkers set out to explore the National Trust gardens which surround Stowe House owned by Stowe Public School. Leisure Walkers The gardens, as we see them today, were created by Lord Cobham in the eighteenth century. The main architect was Sir John Vanbrugh. Other landscape gardeners were involved at different stages, including Lancelot Capability Brown. autumn at Stowe
They set out to create garden landscapes with temples and monuments. Gardens in that age set out to make statements.
Here it was to support the Georgian Monarchy. Also to honour British ‘Worthies’ – kings and queens, politicians, artists, writers, inventors etc. Lord Cobham was a leader of the Whig movement which much later was to develop into the Liberal Party. Vanbrugh is probably best remembered for his extensive work at Blenheim Palace. To learn much more visit the National Trust Stowe Website ----- .
Stowe School
The weather for the visit was perfect. Sunshine brought out the warm autumn colours of the leaves and the lakes reflected the intense blue of the sky. We had our own David Bailey with us to record our every movement and discovery.
The main group covered about 4 miles and a small contingent 2.7 miles. Everyone was very happy because we started with a coffee and finished with a light lunch. Why not, we deserved it!!
Intrepid Walkers Measuring The Arch Island