u3a Holidays

Chesterfield U3A Walking Holidays
For many years the various walking groups within Chesterfield U3A have organised walking holidays annually in the UK and bi-annually elsewhere in Europe. These have been done using a company called HF Holidays.

Following significant disruption due to Covid-19 it is great to be able to tell you that we are now planning the next two holidays.

15-19 April 2022 to Church Stretton, Shropshire
This walking holiday is currently fully subscribed (15 participants) but there is a waiting list if anyone else is interested. Click 'send a message' if you are.

March 2023 to Whitby, North Yorkshire
This walking holiday is the latest iteration, following many postponements and changes, to a holiday that was originally planned for Selworthy in Somerset in March 2020. The members who had already booked and paid deposits for the Selworthy holiday will have preference for this holiday. It is intended that their interest will be confirmed early summer 2022 and any additional places (total planned attendance is 39) will then be offered to the wider membership. Click 'send a message' to register your interest.

It is planned that going forward from 2023 further walking holidays will be arranged.