Guidance to using the Members Portal

If you are familiar with the process, proceed straight to link at the bottom of the page.

You will be asked for five items of information.

  • Membership Number – this appears on last year’s card
  • Forename and then Surname (also on your existing card):

These names need to be in the form; Joanne Bloggs ie initial Capitals followed by small letters.
Note to Apple iPad users: If you fill in your names using the AutoFill function, Apple will add a space at the end of each. You need to backspace over each of these before you Confirm Identity.

  • PostCode in the format S40 7XX
  • email address – this must be the one that we have in your record.

Click on 'Confirm Identity'. If any of these items does not agree with our record, all the 'boxes' will go blank. Please check your data.

You can now proceed

Members Portal