Monthly Open Meetings

The meetings usually feature a talk on a subject of interest and information about other u3a events that are taking place.

Forthcoming Talks

Wednesday 1 June 2022, 2pm: 'Brassed Off' -by Zoom, joining details will be emailed to Members.
Sharon Stansfield will talk about a history of brass bands and instruments of Long Eaton Prize Band, along with musical interludes.

Wednesday 13 July 2022, 2pm: 'Queen Mary's Dolls House' -Winding Wheel (note this is being held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month)
Marjorie Dunn will be the speaker.

Wednesday 7 September 2022, 2pm: 'Tea, Coffee, Cake and a Quiz' -Winding Wheel
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of u3a.

Wednesday 2 November 2022, 2pm: 'The Victorian Governess' -Winding Wheel
Liz Keeley will be the speaker.

Talks given in 2022

Nursery Rhymes This talk on 5th January was given by Bob Massey who enlightened us on the meanings and origins of several nursery rhymes. It is suprising what we have been telling our children and grand children!

My Great Grandparents'Journey Accross America The speaker described a journey she took acreoss America following the route he grandparents had taken many years before.

The Elderfriends Befriending Service Chesterfield Volunteer Service spoke about one of the core services they run.

Murder at Staunton Harold Hall The speaker spoke about the 1760 murder at Staunton Harold Hall. The murderer was the last English nobleman to have been hanged in Britain.

Derbyshire Life Ashley Franklin talked about the 'Derbyshire Life' magazine and some of the interesting things he had covered. The magazine, established in 1931, celebrates the county of Derbyshire.

Talks given in 2021

Global warming - where are we going? This talk on 7th April was given by Cliff Lea, of Chesterfield Climate Alliance, and we learned a lot about what we, as individuals, can do locally to help.

All About Chatsworth. This talk on 5th May by Mick Brown described how, in 2020, they delivered the final phases of development in Arcadia, the Rock Garden and the Trout Stream. We also saw how Dan took Chatsworth to the Chelsea Flower Show.

Crich Tramway Museum. This talk on 9th June was given by Frank Bagshaw, who has been a volunteer there since 1961. Frank first gave us the history of how the site has grown from an old quarry to the National museum it is today and followed by examples of some of the trams in the museum.

Magistrates in the Community (MIC) This talk on 7 July was based on the Magistrates Association’s community engagement initiative. Every year teams of magistrates across England and Wales deliver a huge variety of presentations to incredibly diverse groups. They visit schools, colleges, offices, and community, religious and social groups. Subjects discussed included the history of the Magistracy and how magistrates are appointed and the six key qualities necessary to apply.

The Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie This talk on 11 August looked at the amazing career of the most popular crime novelist of all times, including her own disappearance. Beginning with the creation of Hercule Poirot in 1920, through the golden age of detective fiction, the emergence of Miss Marple until Agatha Christie became the indisputable ‘Queen of Crime’.

My Extra Life This talk on 1 September was given by Mike Newbold. Mike talked about his work as an extra in theatre over the past 20 years. He started in Nottingham Playhouse and the Theatre Royal and has also been a television extra for 17 years. He talked about rules and regulations, of the pitfalls, pay and his experiences.

From the Boats This talk on 6 October was given by Elizabeth Holloway. Elizabeth gave an account of her six years spent living on a canal narrowboat.

Chesterfield Police Force This talk on 3 November was given by Sarah Dufton who spoke about cybercrime and fraud.

The Job of a Laughtime This talk on 1 December was given by Brad Ashton Ashton. Brad has written TV series for Dick Emery, Les Dawson, Bob Monkhouse, David Frost and others and his talk included several behind the scenes revelations.