Opportunities to Volunteer in our U3A

Our U3A is in need of volunteers to take on some roles that will help our U3A work better for our 1100+ members.

Here are some of the duties associated with the roles:

Assistant Membership - to assist the membership secretary. Some of the possible support you could give: talking to potential members explaining what we do and how we do it, dealing with queries email or telephone, helping with new member meetings, talking and mentoring new members, general duties.

News Sheet Editor - using a template to compose articles from the Chair, Group coordinators, social groups, committee members, updating the refreshment rota for Thursday and Tuesday meetings.

Social committee members - to join a team to organise day trips and more. See the October News Sheet for examples of what we do now - maybe you have your own ideas.

Facebook admin - Help with admin of facebook authorising members use and uploading members (those who are not yet familiar with FB) articles and photos.

Publicity - Help with designing the various pamphlets e.g. study booklet, nntroductory leaflets News paper contact etc.

Accessibility Officer - someone who would be able to assist a member who finds accessing groups difficult because of mobility, visual impairment, hearing loss. The 'Accessibility policy' is on the website under the tab 'Committee'.

Volunteer coordinator - a contact for all the volunteers whatever their role should they need assistance, and/or advice.

Thank you to those who have filled the posts below

Event organiser - we have various extra meetings throughout the year which require organising ( not the programme) e.g. New members meeting, Coordinators lunch, Christmas lunch, Study days, Quizzes, AGM.

Thursday meeting organiser - someone who lives close to St Columbas to open and close the hall. Arrange talks/demos etc (we have lots of contacts) check their availability and requirements before the meeting.