Website Tips

  • New to our U3A?
  • Not getting what you want from our website?
  • Wanting to get more from the website?

Then the tips below might be useful for you. If they fail to satisfy then send your query to the webmaster by clicking the Pigeon Logo at the top of this page.

General Tips

  • Text that is in blue or purple is a link to another page, an external web page or a message function. Just click on them to activate. Links can be inline or grouped in the Link area on the RHS of pages.
  • If you go to a page that is a file (e.g. our news sheet) the banner/button bar is not displayed so use your browser's back button to return to the previous page.


  • My browser still displays the pre November 2019 website - You need to clear your browser's cache, see below for how.
  • Will the website work on my phone? - Yes, on a smartphone.
  • How to get the best on a tablet - Some of our pages display better in landscape mode on a tablet. So rotate your tablet/smartphone if necessary.
  • I can't find a document that is supposed to be on the website - The LINKS page is a quick way to find files and links to external websites. Just click the LINKS button to get there.

To clear the browser cache on a PC try pressing your 'Delete' key whilst holding down the 'Shift' and 'Ctrl' keys which should bring up a panel titled 'Clear browsing data' or similar. Tick the option with 'Cached' in it and press the 'Clear' button. These instructions are for the Edge browser that comes with Windows 10, other browsers are similar and you can find info on how to do it in each one in the following link> Clear cache.