Thursday Meetings

2nd Thursday each month – What went on in Spring 2019

The Thursday Meetings were a mix of: Pot Pourri Days, Single Topic Days & Annual Favourite Days.

Thursday 11th July - Single Topic day - Music Concert
Music Concert from our Chester U3A musicians and singers. Performances from both Ukulele Groups (Ukulele 1 (UKES3A) and Ukulele 2 (UKES3A), Singing for Pleasure and Music Performing. Please note that the concert will begin at 10:15.

What is a Pot Pourri Day?

  • Various short presentations by members of Chester U3A
  • plus tables for Groups looking for more members
  • plus the usual tables: bookswap, social trips, computer help

Presentations by Chester U3A Members on Thursday 9th May 2019

  • Sue from New Experiences explained us how the group operates. The group meets as a whole every four months to plan activities for the next few months. There is usually an activity every month. Recent activities have included go-ape in Delamere and ice skating. There are currently 22 members, but there is no limit as people can pick and choose activities and, depending in the venue, often take part in the activities in smaller groups (with multiple group-bookings if necessary).
  • Jenny Carley spoke about her experiences of visiting Japan first as a tourist (organised travel) and then on a business trip (U3A). The two experiences were very different, in particular the challenge of eating like a local on the second trip.
  • Sue from Friday Writers read her amusing short story written using the starting point “The woman in the shop said….” – who knew that the U3A could be so risqué?
  • Dave (Racketball) set us a maths problem during a short break between speakers.
  • David (Play Reading) – the Play Readers are looking for a few more members. David also read out two of his very entertaining short stories – one on the dangers of avarice and the second explaining (tongue-in-cheek) how the Romans came to settle in Chester.
  • Other groups present and looking for new members were Meditation and Holistic Therapy. Look out also for the Music Train (see the Social Events page of the News Sheet).