Group Coordinators Information

The Covid advice on u3a activities produced by u3a National Office was updated on 19th July 2021. Click the link to go straight to the document.

The Group Coordinators Meeting November 2020 took place on on Monday 16th November at 7pm via Zoom.

Group Coordinators Meeting July 2020 - As meeting together was not possible a series of meetings for group coordinators ran via Zoom. Notes from these are in the Links on this page

  • Outdoor Activity Groups 8 July > Coords Meeting Outdoor Groups notes.
  • Groups using Zoom 10 July
  • Groups using venues 14 July
  • Groups meeting in homes 15 July

If you are a Group Coordinator or are thinking of becoming one this is the place to find documents that support this role. Our Groups Coordinator provides help and guidance on starting up a new group and what is needed in running one. To that end there are 2 short documents to get you started:

Many of the documents are only required for groups that are of a specific type e.g. meet in a hall and collect money to pay for it.

  • The U3A Resource Centre gives access to a collection of DVDs & CDs that groups can borrow and also links to an amazing range of other online resources. Just click the link to go there.
  • Subject Advice on the national U3A website has a wealth of information on many group subject areas (currently American Archaeology to Yoga) and how to contact the national subject advisors.
  • Beacon Group Coordinators Guide tells you how to maintain your groups information on the Beacon system including how to send emails to your group. Once you have a username & password use the link to go to the Beacon Login page.
  • Safeguarding Policy
  • Incident Report Form
  • Licences - Information from National Office on copyright material & what licences they provide for our U3A.
  • Insurance Cover is provided through National Office (The Third Age Trust) for Public Liability, Damage to the property of any member whist their home is being used to host a U3A event, U3A Equipment & some other specifics. A full explanation & the cover note for this can be found on the U3A national website under Support for u3as > All Advice Downloads > Keeping it Legal > Insurance... (You need to login to access this area).
  • Sharing fuel costs on trips - The recommended rate when members share transport is 30p/mile as a contribution towards the cost of fuel. So, if there are 4 in a car that would be 7.5p/mile each (including the driver) or when only 3 in a car it is 10p/mile. This is the committee's recommendation but members/groups are free to agree their own figure if they prefer.
  • Health and Safety on U3A Walks useful guidance document for walking groups.

How to handle money in a group is described on the Chester U3A Group Accounts page and other relevant documents are: