Group Coordinators Information

If you are a Group Coordinator or are thinking of becoming one this is the place to find documents that support this role. Many of them are only required for groups that are of a specific type e.g. meet in a hall and collect money to pay for it. Our Group Liaison Officer also provides help and guidance on starting up a new group and what is needed in running one.

  • GDPR Consent Form - Download & print this if your group wants to share emails or phone numbers. Group coordinators must not share or display a members' membership number. Do not write email or phone number on the consent form. A tick is all that is required.
  • The U3A Resource Centre gives access to a collection of DVDs & CDs that groups can borrow and also links to an amazing range of other online resources. Just click the link to go there.
  • Beacon Group Coordinators Guide tells you how to maintain your groups information on the Beacon system including how to send emails to your group. Once you have a username & password use the link to go to the Beacon Login page.
  • U3A Safeguarding Policy
  • Incident Report Form
  • Licences - Information from National Office on copyright material & what licences they provide for our U3A.
  • Insurance Cover is provided through National Office (The Third Age Trust) for Public Liability, Damage to the property of any member whist their home is being used to host a U3A event, U3A Equipment & some other specifics. A full explanation & the cover note for this can be found on the national U3A website under Advice > Insurances & Safety.
  • Sharing fuel costs on trips - The recommended rate when members share transport is 30p/mile as a contribution towards the cost of fuel. So, if there are 4 in a car that would be 7.5p/mile each (including the driver) or when only 3 in a car it is 10p/mile. This is the committee's recommendation but members/groups are free to agree their own figure if they prefer.

How to handle money in a group is described on the Chester U3A Group Accounts page and other relevant documents are: