Monthly Meetings

In normal times each month Chester U3A holds a Speaker meeting on the 1st Tuesday of the month and a Members meeting on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Whilst we are unable to meet in person at St Columbas Hall some replacements are being provided. See the CV19Activity page for details.

CoffeeMonthly meetings are held at St Columba's Church Hall, Plas Newton Lane, Upton, CH2 1SA. There is limited parking at the hall so please use public transport if possible. All members will be required to show their membership card on arrival to gain entry. Prospective members may be allowed to stay for the meeting if space is available. A cup of tea/coffee and biscuit is offered at no charge.

Upcoming meetings are shown on the EVENTS page and a sample of recent meetings are given below.

Speakers for our Tuesday meetings are organised by Sue Foy our Speaker Secretary
Thursday meetings are arranged by Helen Taylor & Dave Stork.

A Sample of Previous Meetings

Tuesday 5th May - Video talk by Jim Holmes on the Mongolian Altai on-line. The landscapes were breathtaking and the stories of peoples nomadic lives intriguing. We saw how the United Nations Children's Fund is helping remote communities with a serious education shortage and learn how difficult it is to reach the very far west of this vast country. Visit remote communities that hunt with eagles and drink tea with camels' milk, then travel with herders as they prepare to move to spring pastures, and see how the schools follow them.

Thursday 10th October - Mike Ford, Gold Award Winning Sausage Producer, talks about his previous career, life changing accident, and his passion for Pigs!!

Tuesday 1st October - Faces and Identity - Professor Caroline Wilkinson will describe how craniofacial anthropology can contribute towards the depiction of faces from the past and from contemporary forensic investigation and discuss the challenges and limitations of this research. You will discover the application of forensic anthropology techniques to the depiction of famous historical figures (such as Richard III and Robert the Bruce), preserved bodies (such as Ancient Egyptian mummies or bog bodies) and disease or trauma in ancient populations.

Tuesday 3rd September - The Science of Chocolate: Food of the Gods by Dr Diana Leitch including some tasting experiences! The history of chocolate back in Central America over 2000 years ago, its coming to Europe with the Spaniards and the change to the products we know and love today are all explained. Medical and economic concepts are explored.

Thursday 12th September - Care in Later Life by Rebecca Zartarian covering topics such as:
- What is meant by care, what care could you receive?
- How do you go about arranging care?
- What might it cost to have care?
- Am I entitled to any funding?
- How do I know the company I choose will be any good?
- What should I look for when choosing a care company?
- Q&A session