Webinar Tips & FAQs

Tips & FAQs for getting the best from webinars

When watching online content, you should note the following:

  • A wired connection is always better than wireless.
  • If two people are streaming the same live video to two different devices on the same connection, they each get half the bandwidth, and are therefore more likely to have problems with audio/video breaking up. So if there are two of you on your broadband connection, it helps if you watch it together
  • If you have to be wireless, then the closer you are to the router the better
  • If you do start having problems, then you may be able to improve matters by refreshing the screen (click the refresh icon in the browser, or use Ctrl-f5 on Windows, or Command-R on Apple)
  • If you drop out of a webinar, you can get back in on the same link if using Crowdcast
  • If using a tablet (e.g. iPad), or a notepad in tablet form, it works better if you use it in landscape mode. You may also have to select 'Full Screen' on an iPad
  • If you are using an iPad or similar wireless-only device, it may help if you switch to the 'composite video/audio' option in Crowdcast, or by using the Crowdcast App
  • If you want to join in with chat, you need to have a keyboard (e.g. not a TV)
  • If you want to appear on screen, you will need a webcam and microphone, and to test that they are working
  • Generally, talks are being recorded, and will be made available online afterwards. You should not need to record them yourself, and it might be a breach of copyright if you do. Always obtain permission beforehand
  • Fake backgrounds can be very disturbing for other people when using Zoom. They work best if you have a green screen behind you