On-line Renewals

Membership can be renewed via the Beacon Members Portal.

A short video showing this process can be seen at the bottom of this page, just click the [>] play button. Note the video does not have sound, it is annotated in red showing what to do.

Step 1 Members Portal:

  • Click the link to get to the Beacon Members Portal
  • Enter the requested information to enter. Please note all the fields must match exactly the text in the Beacon database. So remember to put capitals on your Forename & Surname. Also be aware that some text input via touch screen (e.g. iPad, iPhone) can add space characters after your entry e.g. 'forename ' rather than the 'forename' intended. Postcodes similarly must be uppercase and have the space in the right place.

Step 2 Select 'Renew your Membership' from the menu.

Step 3 Pay for your membership using a debit or credit card (you do not need a PayPal account to do this), just select the right option.

Step 4 An electronic copy of your new membership will arrive via email and we will send your card by post (this could take a few days if we are busy).

On-line Renewal Video