Online Talks May20

From Sue Foy our Speaker Secretary.

As it is impossible to hold our regular monthly meetings, I have assembled what I hope are some things that might be of interest/use to you from online sources, which will replace our Thursday meetings until we can all get back together again:

Art and Craft

Learn how films are made through this Open Learn course from the National Film and Television School. The course is free as long as you don't want a certificate:
Explore Film Making

You can also view a Hockney exhibition on-screen here:
David Hockney - Exhibition on Screen

Health and Leisure

Plenty of people have been baking their own bread, and experimenting with sourdough (including my husband). This is a sourdough masterclass from a highly skilled baker, and well worth a watch:
YouTube - How to make sourdough bread masterclass

There is also a quiz on bird and animal noises from the Canal and River Trust here (confession, I scored a miserable 2 points, and would have done better clicking randomly. I hang my head in shame...):
Canal & River Trust quiz - bird and animal noises


There is an aerial map of London as the Great Fire of London as it started here:
Artstation - Arial London map

(I had no idea there was only one bridge!) and a short series from Channel 5 which relates the events of the Great Fire hour by hour here:
My5 TV - The Great Fire in real time


What drives us to learn a new language? How can we make it easier for ourselves? Learn some lessons from polyglots:
YouTube - The secrets of learning a new language


A gripping series of podcasts from the BBC about the Apollo 13 space mission:
BBC podcast - 13 minutes to the Moon

Mind Games

For our Social Justice and Current Affairs groups (and anyone else who is interested), you can download the 2019 report into Ethical Consumerism (and see how it has changed in the last twenty years) here:
20 years of ethical consumerism


Chester Folk Festival, lead by our own inimitable Mal Waite, have decided to attempt something very ambitious in putting the whole festival online this year. It is free (though donations are welcome), and you can find out more about it here:
Chester Folk Festival online

Also, for those of you who have never seen a Flashmob, here is one in action:
YouTube Hallelujah Chorus Flashmob

Science and Nature

A thought-provoking talk on de-extinction - Is it feasible? Should we be doing it? from the Royal Institute:
YouTube - The dawn of pre-extinction

plus a TED talk on making statistics sing:
TED - the best statistics you have ever seen

I hope these are of interest to you.

Last, but not least, a website for terrible estate agent photos. Whoever lists these has a wonderful way with captions.

Terrible Real Estate Agent photographs


Sue Foy
Speaker Secretary,
Chester U3A