Online talks April20

Hi Everyone,

As you all know, there are no monthly talks at the moment, although I am doing my best to get around that. Meanwhile, I have found some talks etc. that might interest you online.

Art and Craft - A friend who is an expert knitter tells me that this is her place for learning new skills: verypinkknits

Health and Leisure - the RHS have a whole series of gardening videos here: RoyalHorticulturalSociety

History - A whole series of lectures (I particularly enjoyed 'What Did The Romans Ever Do For Us') from the British Museum are available here: BritishMuseum

Languages - a blog by an American living in France with her French husband. She gives you a new word, then shows how it can be used. Make sure to read the entry on '├ępargner': french-word-a-day

Literacy - just in case you haven't already heard it, there is a real life mystery podcast broadcast by the BBC, entitled Death In Ice Valley

Mind Games - this website has a list of what they consider the best card games. There are plenty I had never heard of, and they also have recommendations on board games. card-games-that-dont-suck. You can also play card and some other games online here: cardgames.

Music - the Raven, a local folk club (Bear and Billet, Lower Bridge St) have starting having virtual folk clubs at 8:30 on Sunday evenings. Mostly excellent musicians, but amateurs at using video, they improve each week. You can see the last two weeks worth (more will be added as they are done; if you are talented musically you can send them one of yourself (it doesn't need to be folk, they are very broad-minded) here: Raven folk club.

Science and Nature - Biomimicry, the way we can imitate nature to solve real world problems, is a fascinating topic, and was just about to be the subject of a U3A Royal Institute lecture: Biomimicry

Last, but not least, there is an excellent and informative talk about Coronavirus here: Coronavirus talk


Sue Foy
Speaker Secretary, Chester U3A