Latest Information on how Chester U3A activities are changing because of Coronavirus

Whilst Covid-19 is still with us, we are replacing the talk at the meeting on the first Tuesday of each month with one that is delivered online. Each member will be emailed a link to this talk, which will be available for one month only. Please do not forward these links to anyone who is not a member of Chester U3A, as the talks have been specially commissioned and paid for by us, and the speakers may not want their talks circulated more widely (and they have a living to make!).

Thursday meetings have changed! May & June were substituted by an email with a series of links to online materials (blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.) that we hope will be of use to members (see below). In July we had a live webinar where Mal Waite told us how the 2020 Chester Folk Festival survived Covid19 by going online. You can play the recording at the bottom of this page.

  • The July Monthly Meeting is replaced by this specially commissioned online talk - Forensic Linguistics by Dr Claire Hardaker of Lancaster University. Could you tell who was texting you just by looking at the message itself? If someone said, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you…” would you consider that kindly-meant advice, or a subtle threat? Could you spot a leading question designed to trap you into confessing to something you’ve never done? Is it possible to tell when someone is lying not just about past events, but even about their future intentions? Can we detect psychopaths from their language alone? Is it possible to tamper with someone’s memories simply by talking to them? How much can a short spoken sentence reveal about you? Forensic linguists look at all these questions, and a world of others besides. In this talk, Claire Hardaker will give you an introductory tour of the various topics, from leading questions to lying and pronunciation to plagiarism. You’ll have a chance to test your own skills throughout the talk, and you’ll get pointers to a range of different cases where you can learn more. The link to it will be emailed to everyone beforehand.
  • Online Coffee Mornings are running by Zoom. Members are being sent invitations in batches so we get manageable numbers. If you want more details or another invitation contact our Chair.
  • The May News Sheet & the June News Sheet are a bit different in that they were sent to all members in the form of an email from the Chairman with lots of links to replacement activities that are starting to happen in our U3A.
  • The EVENTS page is being updated with the status of all activities that were planned and with additional on-line activities that we have set up.
  • Many group activities are continuing in a different form. For example the Bridge groups now play online, Science group meet via Zoom and watch the presentation followed by Q&As, Social Psychology are meeting twice a month via Zoom. Other groups share pictures & links by email/WhatsApp groups/Skype etc. To find out what a group is doing contact the group coordinator via their Group page.
  • Instead of our Thursday meeting why not look at an on-line talk? Our speaker secretary has compiled a list of online materials (blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.) that we hope will be of use to members. These links are freely available, and will mostly continue to be so after the month in which they have been sent. We are happy for you to share the links with anyone you think might benefit from them. Click here to see them > Online talks April20, Online talks May20, Online talks June20.
  • There are general ideas for groups in this information sheet> Ideas for Groups and subject specific ideas in the Links on the right.
  • U3A National Office has been sending out very informative email newsletters, ideas on how to enjoy your group activities and how other U3As are changing their methods of working. If you do not get them you can sign up here > U3A Newsletter. Direct link to Covid-19 advice sources on the U3A National website > U3A Covid Advice.
  • Groups can use video conferencing to discuss, present talks, or just a friendly chat. The tool we are using for committee meetings is Zoom. It is very easy to use. Instructions are here > How to Zoom.

Useful Information for our Coronavirus Isolation Time

  • Guides to tools that help you stay in touch and connected with your friends & family and U3A can be found on the national website here > How to guides.

Two useful guides from Chester University mentioned in the April News Sheet can be viewed by clicking below:

  • Home Workout Guide
  • Mental Health coping with coronavirus

From Chatterpack some resources for anyone who is isolated

A Festival rises from the Ashes