For those that have not yet seen it, visit our Links page on this Website and follow the link to Cheshunt U3A “You Tube” short film of our previous attempts at the local rapids, and make your own mind up whether our Chairman, Stewart, was pushed or fell out of the raft back in June 2011!

18 of us in 2 rafts braved the White Water Rafting Experience at the new Lee Valley Olympic site at Waltham Abbey on Wednesday, 8th June 2011 and another 2 rafts full of brave (or is that foolish?) souls rode the rapids on 21st September 2011.

In June's inaugural rafting and after excellent safety and "how to" instructions, we were "let loose" on the rapids - with our instructor sitting safely at the back of each raft shouting over the noise of the water, and occasional overhead shower of rain! Apparently the safest place to sit is towards the back - so store that nugget of information in the back of your mind should you decide to give it a go when it re-opens to the public after the Olympics this year.

Only 1 "overboard" in June - our Chairman, Stewart, beautifully captured by the official photographer and shown here for your amusement! A fantastic afternoon's fun - all of those who took part had a whale of a time (minus the fish!) and a good old-fashioned laugh amongst the terror of the rapids. Many thanks to all those U3A members, family, and friends who turned up to support, watch, and laugh at us from the safety of the sidelines - it was much appreciated by us all.

Goes to prove you're never too old, or young, to try something new and exciting - especially when it's on your doorstep!