Domains for Chepstow u3a

What is a Domain?

  • Our domain is,uk (for clarity it can be written as
  • This can be used to create our own email addresses simply by adding a name plus '@' in front of this domain name. Chris Stott is in charge of maintaining our domains.
  • All our emails associated with this domain are held in a package called WebMail.
  • Examples are:
  •,, - see the list below
  • Upper or lower case does not matter

What are the Benefits of a Domain?

  • Emails can be forwarded to the post holder(s). For example, emails to can automatically be forwarded to the secretary's own email address.
  • When the Secretary changes, the forwarding email address can simply be changed on the domain.
  • If the secretary was going away for an extended period then the temporary secretary's email address would be put as the forwarding email address until the secretary returned.
  • Members do not have to be told about these changes and Beacon and the web site do not have to be amended.
  • If the domain email address is shared by more than one person (eg AwayDays) then emails can be forwarded to more than one person
  • Other advantages are:
  • We don't have to publish officers personal email addresses on the web site
  • It is a more professional way of operating.

How to Access the Domain Email Address

  • Enter the following website address into your browser:
  • Enter your domain email address (eg and the password you have been given

How to Enter a Forwarding Email Address
This is if you want all emails to the domain email address to be forwarded onto your own email address. In general, you should only select this if you get occasional emails to the domain email address. If you get lots of emails, you should get used to going and looking in the domain email address.

  • Log into your RoundCube email.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on Filters
  • Click the + Create button.
  • In Filter name type Forwarding
  • In Scope select all messages from the drop down menu
  • In Actions select Send message copy to from the drop-down.
  • Input the email address you want the emails forwarded to
  • Click Save
  • If you want another forwarding email address press the + next to the last email address you have added and repeat from "Actions" above.
  • To delete an email address press the delete icon next to the email address.
  • However if you added a forwarding address in the original WebMail system this doesn't seem to show up in the new system so you cannot amend or delete it. However, Chris Stott can do this for you from his admin. menu. He will also set up a new forwarding email address if you don't want to go through the above routine.
  • Note Emails forwarded from Address number 1 to number 2 don’t get forwarded back to to number 1!

How to Change the Password

  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Password
  • Input new password and confirm it
  • Click on Save

In Beacon
Creating a Dummy Record in Beacon

  • Click on Beacon User Responsibilities section 7.1
  • The above looks complicated but basically requires the Membership Secretary to create the dummy record and then the Beacon Admin. to give access to the membership database

Using the Dummy Record

  • Go into the Dummy Record in beacon and amend the password if necessary. Remember that you may be sharing this Beacon ID with other members of your 'Team' so use a password such as 'Groups2020' or ProgrammeU3A'
  • You can now select 'Members' and send emails to all the membership or just selected ones
  • You can also select 'Groups' and send emails to all the Conveners or just selected ones. You will not be able to go into individual Groups.
  • All emails you send out will be from your Domain email address such as
  • All replies will go back to your Domain email address which you will have to set up as in How to Access the Domain Email Address above

List of Domains - Format:

  • chairman
  • secretary
  • treasurer
  • membership
  • magazine
  • marketing
  • programme
  • groups
  • network
  • Information
  • openday
  • beacon
  • webmaster
  • dataprotection
  • ComputerGroup
  • AwayDays
  • Walkingweek
  • Gardening
  • GiftAid
  • Conferencing