Volunteering in Chepstow U3A

Unless otherwise stated contact Shelagh Davies 629364 for further details

Our U3A is run entirely by volunteers. The Committee and the Group Conveners are obvious examples but many others do jobs that are crucial to the running of our u3a: the Beacon and Magazine teams are two examples but there are many more. As we grow in size there are other roles that we would like members to take on individually or as shared roles or as teams. These will not take up a lot of your time but would help us to make our u3a even better for the benefit of all of our members.

The Committee
In March three members of the current committee will have to retire as they will have served for four years which is the maximum allowed under the Constitution. If Chepstow is to remain a vibrant forward looking u3a we need members to replace those who are retiring.

We are a very friendly group of people and our committee meetings, all on Zoom in the current situation, are very informal and relaxed. A lot of detailed business is conducted outside the meetings leaving only important matters for discussion. Please don’t think that just because you are a recent member of Chepstow u3a and haven’t much knowledge about our movement you will not be able to contribute. It doesn’t matter how long you have been a member because we need a mixture of members with experience and fresh faces to bring new ideas to keep our u3a moving forward.

The only way to find out if the committee is for you is to come along to one of our meetings to see what you think and chat to some of the current committee. Contact Shelagh on the above number if you want more details.

Activity Groups Support Team
The Convener Liaison needs help in setting up new Activity Groups and with any problems with existing groups. We now have two people in the team and are looking for one perhaps two more to join them. No experience necessary but a good role for getting to know members and our Activity Groups. In the current Covid situation while few groups are meeting face to face there is still work to do in encouraging groups to organise Zoom meetings and with a reduced workload now is a good time to become familiar with the role, This is not a committee position.

Finance Team
To help the Treasurer give a service to the Group Conveners when they require payments for venues, speakers etc. You don't need any finance knowledge just to have common sense and knowledge of our easy to use on line Beacon Finance system (training provided). Because of the Covid situation very few groups are meeting though we hope that this will change later in 2021, so now is a good time to learn all about the role.

Social Events Team
Very few events were held in 2020 but we are hoping that this will change in 2021. We have plans for a Groups Quiz, a Wine Tasting evening, a Ceilidh, and a Whist Drive. Click on SOCIAL EVENTS for up to date details. We are looking for a team of two or three people to help the committee to coordinate these events and perhaps suggest ideas for more. These are not necessarily committee roles.

Magazine Team
Fancy yourself as a ‘roving reporter’ or a budding photographer? We need more people to help to produce our magazine. Can you spare just a few hours each month. Don’t worry we won’t drop you in at the deep end! This really is a team effort. Call Nicky on 07515 511365 or email Magazine

Marketing Support
We need someone with creative flair and the ability to translate this into digital imagery to help the Marketing Trustee. You will be helping to produce posters, flyers and other creative material. If you have had experience of this before you retired can you help us out. Call Nicky on 07515 511365 or email Marketing

What Else?
Have you a specific skill that you think may be of use to Chepstow u3a? Let us know about it.