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The focus of the magazine is very much on our groups. There are photos of what they have been doing and also a 'dates for your diay' section where you can publicise any forthcoming activities that might interest our wider membership. Every month we turn the spotlight on one group and we are pleased to say that we have conveners who have volunteered for the next few issues. Another regular feature is ‘A day in the life of a Convenor’.

Our anniversary party in July 2017 was a huge success as was our Open Day in October 2018 and our Christmas party in December 2018. These events showcased the variety of activities and talents in our U3A, and we want the magazine to have the same friendly, community feel. We hope that you enjoy reading this and every month's issue; it shows many of the good things happening in Chepstow U3A.

Please contribute to the magazine. We’d be delighted to have more groups and conveners for the spotlight feature and we also want to know what your group has been doing. E-mail us at the magazine email address below; it’s your chance to showcase your group and even attract a few new members!

Magazine Team

EditorNicky Lee 07515 511365
Desk Top PublishingChris Whiteman
InterviewingShelagh DaviesWilf SummerbellLiz Lewis Christine GreenVivien Marles
PhotographyTerry WaltersSushil NairColin Harris
Food for ThoughtNerys Wilson
ProofingDerek ShottinKay & Brian MahonyIngrid ArntzenIrene Hullah
Rachel StottSandra Gregory

To Join the Team or to Contact the Editor

Magazine Email
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Where Can You Get the Magazine?

  • Published on the first of every month apart from August.
  • Available to view and/or download on this page of the Web Site, usually on the first of of the month - members will be informed by email.
  • Paper copies will be available at Monthly Meetings & Coffee Mornings
  • For the remainder of the month copies will be available in Chepstow Hub (Library).

Entries for the Magazine

Dates for your Diary

  • Group events or speakers that you would like to invite members to come to.
  • Short announcements, no photos
  • Send these in as soon as you know about them
  • They can be run over several issues if relevant

Group Advertisements

  • Something or somebody you need for your group
  • Up to 200 words

Highlights of the Month

  • Review of a group activity or an event
  • Photos (high resolution and action shots if possible)
  • 100-150 words

How to Submit your Entries

  • Attach words and photos to an email
  • Send to the Magazine Email Address above
  • Send it as early as you can but:
  • The final deadline is the 15th of the preceding month.

Your Magazine needs You!
Fancy yourself as a ‘roving reporter’ or a budding photographer? We need more people to help to produce our magazine. Can you spare just a few hours each month. Don’t worry we won’t drop you in at the deep end! This really is a team effort. Call Nicky on 07515 511365 or email Magazine

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