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Tuesday Live

During Lockdown, we are arranging alternative events on Tuesday afternoons starting at 2:00 pm using Zoom. See Dates for your Diary below. We will try to make a recording of each Tuesday Live available to view for two weeks following the event. See below for a link.
If you haven't used Zoom before or need an update click on Joining a Zoom Meeting. Trial Zoom sessions will be held for those who haven't used Zoom before. Email Information to book into a session.

On 6th October, Hugh Gray-Wallis, together with Maggie and her hearing dog Nero gave a talk on Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and demonstrated some of the ways that Nero supports Maggie. If you want to find out more, or make a donation, go to Hearing Dogs.

The 19th January Tuesday Live was a well attended talk by David Priddis on Bats. He shared his extensive his extensive knowledge of many types of bats, their habits and habitats, both in the UK and overseas. If you missed his talk, you can watch it by clicking on the link Tuesday Live Bats and using the Passcode: QU55MO#T

Monthly Meetings (Suspended)

During the current situation, the normal Monthly Meetings are suspended.

Saturday Coffee Mornings (Suspended)

Normal coffee mornings are suspended.

South Wales Network Meetings

These are meetings of U3As from the south east corner of Wales who get together two or three times a year to discuss matters relevant to local U3As. Click on South Wales Network Meetings to see details of the next meeting.

Videos from our Ukulele Group

Big Bad Woof - Sloop John B Big Bad Woof - Save the Last Dance
Dates for your Diary
Tue Feb 2nd Committee Meeting
Tue Feb 2nd Tuesday Live Roger Browne’s “Not Father O’Malley” traces his childhood in wartime and post war Salford. It features the music that he heard and enjoyed, in his beloved home city from a very early age. Music, which lead to him singing in public from the age of three, recording “Come back to Sorrento” at the age of four and teaching himself to play the piano at the age of five. The talk will include lots of live music played by Roger on his piano. Not Father O’Malley takes an hilarious look at what it was like to be brought up in a city, blitzed in the war, ravaged by poverty and floods, and strangled by overcrowded and inadequate housing. He talks with great warmth, how, in spite of what post war Salfordians had to cope with, his greatest memories are of love, kindness, compassion, humanity and, above all, humour. Lots and lots of humour.
Tue Feb 16th Tuesday Live Roger Evans will give a talk on Monmouthshire Slave-Owners, the story of some locals who prospered from the 'cruel trade' and also benefited from its abolition.
Roger is a former civil servant, magistrate, Gwent County Councillor and school governor. Since retiring, he has researched a number of historical subjects, using personal knowledge and anecdotes to illustrate many of his talks. He is Chairman of Blackwood U3A.
Tue Mar 2nd Committee Meeting
Tue Mar 2nd AGM This year, we will run a virtual AGM using Zoom. Members will receive an information pack in advance and will be able to vote ahead of the AGM or at the Zoom meeting. See 2021 AGM for details
Tue Mar 16th Tuesday Live details to be advised
Tue Apr 6th Committee Meeting
Tue Apr 6th Tuesday Live details to be advised
Tue Apr 20th Tuesday Live details to be advised
Tue May 4th Committee Meeting
Tue May 4th Tuesday Live details to be advised
Tue May 18th Tuesday Live details to be advised