New Groups

In the current situation we are specifically looking for suggestions for Virtual Groups. We only have one or two at the moment but the following comments applies to any type of group.

Suggestions for More New Groups - Actual or Virtual

Chepstow u3a offers a wide variety of special interest and activity groups but there is always scope for more! Do you have an idea for an interest/activity that you would like to pursue, but it is not currently available within Chepstow U3A? Would you be willing to meet up with others who might have a similar interest?

Would you like to see if there are other members who might be interested in a proposed new group or you might already know at least one other person who shares your interest. If so, that is the foundation for a New Group and this can be built upon.

Perhaps there is a group in Chepstow that you would like to join but it is already currently over subscribed? . There might be other members who are in a similar position who would consider starting up a new group. Existing Conveners are always happy to give advice and support. We have many examples of more than one group within single areas of interest or activity e.g. Philosophy, Walking, Table Tennis, Bookworms, Wine Appreciation etc..

For Further Help and InformationContactConvener Liaison Team