Beacon Management System

System AdministratorIan Wood
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Beacon is an on-line database facility for managing our U3A for Membership, Activity Groups, and Finance. All our members records were transferred to Beacon in January 2017, in February 2018 all the Activity Groups were set up in Beacon and in April 2019 the Finance option was implemented. An upgrade to Beacon is due to be implemented sometime in 2020.

Beacon Main System Menu Login

Access to the system is controlled so you will need to be given a login name and password.

Getting Access to Beacon
Conveners who do not have Beacon access should contact Convener Liaison for a Conveners' User ID or the Treasurer for a Finance User ID.

Initial Training and Beacon Problems
The Beacon Team will set up your initial User ID and password and help you to get going on Beacon. If you have any subsequent problems with using Beacon please contact them.

Maintaining your Membership Details

Anyone can amend their own personal details such as address, phone number, email etc. without involving anyone else.

Beacon Individual Members Login

You will need your Membership Number which you will find on your membership card or by emailing Membership. You can also use this email address for queries if you are having problems logging into the Individual Members Record.

Conveners and Activity Groups

Most of our Activity Groups are already using Beacon to manage their Groups. The advantages for the Convener is:

  • you can see who are members of the group
  • you can see if group members have paid their subs.
  • you have access to group member's telephone number, home address, and email and you don’t have to be informed if any of these details are changed
  • you can send emails to selected group members or to all the group
  • you can see which group members are not on email
  • If there is more than one Group Convener, you all access the same list of group members
  • If the Convener changes, the list of group members is immediately available to the new Convener
  • you can limit the numbers in the group and enable a waiting list
  • you can use the Faculty facility to send emails to all other similar groups eg Striders Conveners can send to all the other walking group Conveners

In addition, if we are informed that a member is ill or has had an accident we can see which group that member belongs to and we can contact the Convener for more information and ask the Convener to contact the member on our behalf.

Other Facilities and Future Implementations

  • Third Age Matters (TAM) - Beacon provides us with a mailing list for TAM which is delivered by direct mail five times a year free of charge to all full members. However, if you do not want to receive TAM just click on Information and say 'No TAM'
  • Gift Aid - was moved to Beacon in 2017. Members are encouraged to sign up for Gift Aid if they do not already do so. Click on Gift Aid for more details.
  • Beacon 2 is due for implementation sometime in 2020. We are not sure what changes there will be but we expect a mixture of enhancements and 'removal of existing bugs'.