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Chepstow u3a is a registered Charity number 702771

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CC - Home PageEverything about the Charity Commission
CC - Chepstow u3a PageSee our page in the Charity Commission
CC - Update our DetailsPassword required, held by the Secretary & Treasurer
CC - Charity Money, Reports, & AccountsAnnual Financial Return, Trustee Annual Report, Preparing Annual Accounts, Gift Aid, etc
CC - Trustee, Whats InvolvedDetails of the responsibilities of a Trustee
CC - Retention of RecordsIncluding Annual Accounts, Committee Minutes and Trustee Annual Report
CC - Change ConstitutionHow to change governing document
CC - Trustee Welcome PackInformation for new and potential Trustees

Trustee Annual Reports (TAR)

These must be completed every year by the Trustees as a record of the charities progress and achievement. The Chairman usually compiles the report and submits it to the committee for any amendments. The approved TAR is put on this web page and sent to the Charity Commission with the Financial Report. Here are the last few year's reports.

TAR 2015TAR 2016TAR 2017TAR 2018TAR 2019TAR 2020

Risk Management

By the nature of its activities and charitable objects, Chepstow u3a is not subject to high levels of risk but as a charity with a membership now over 900 and more than 80 activity groups the trustees do have a responsibility to ensure that it operates in accordance with charity law and good practice and that its members have an enjoyable and safe experience as they participate in activities in pursuit of its charitable objects. These risks have been set out in a the following document:

Risk Register

This gives an assessment of potential areas of risk and where the responsibility lies for mitigating this risk. The Risk Register will be reviewed by the Trustees every six months and reviewed by a a non Trustee Chepstow u3a member annually.

Trustee Recruitment

  • Should be all the year round search for potential Trustees not a panic search near to the AGM
  • All Trustees should be on the lookout for future Trustees and should highlight this to the rest of the Committee
  • Potential Trustees can attend committee meetings as observers before committing themselves.
  • Trustees can be co-opted onto Committee throughout the year (2 per year)
  • Consider sharing roles. This may persuade members to come onto committee
  • Consider roles outside committee as members of the Committee Support Team. These may lead to Trusteeship eventually
  • Consider teams. These could be part on committee and part off committee.

As AGM Approaches

  • AGM is in first Tuesday in March so in November:
  • Establish which of the existing Trustees have to retire
  • Check if any of the remaining Trustees are planning on retiring
  • Maximum number on Committee from the Constitution is 12
  • Therefore establish the maximum of committee places to be filled
  • Establish which posts or projects are likely available to be available for new Trustees.

Find Trustees

  • Advertise by all possible means: web site, Magazine, Monthly Meetings, Information Distributor
  • Ask Conveners
  • Approach those identified during year
  • But the personal approach always gives the best results
  • But be prepared for members to say NO

Throughout the Year - Invite Potential Trustees to

  • Shadow existing Trustees
  • Sit in at committee meetings – arrange a specific open meeting
  • Take up projects on behalf of committee
  • There may be specific projects requiring particular expertise

Information for New Trustees

Chepstow u3a is a registered charity so When you join the committee, either elected at the AGM or co opted at a later date, you become a Trustee. This means that there are certain things that they need to be aware of regarding Chepstow u3a, the Charity Commission, and the Third Age Trust.

The following notes will help you to gain the basic knowledge to familiarise yourself with the role, the organisation of Chepstow u3a and the Third Age movement, and your legal responsibilities.

Whilst it may take a while for you to settle into the Committee, the more you get involved then the quicker you will feel at home and part of the committee and taking on a specific role is the best way to this. If you have any past experience that you think may be of use to Chepstow u3a please let us know. You can only be on Committee for a maximum of four years so the sooner you get involved the better.

What is the Role of a Trustee and Committee Member?
You are responsible for the general control and management of Chepstow u3a and must carry out your duties within the context of the Constitution. You must:

  • Act in the interests of the u3a
  • Ensure that the u3a operates in a manner that is consistent with its Charitable Purposes.
  • Act with care and diligence in accordance with any legal requirements

Our Charitable Purposes

  • The advancement of education and, in particular, the education of older people and those who are retired from full time work by all means, including associated activities conducive to learning and personal development.

You should look at the following

  • CC - Trustee Welcome Pack. From the Charity Commission.
  • CC - The Essential Trustee. From the Charity Commission. What you need to know, what you need to do (CC3)
  • Principles of the u3a Movement
  • Declaration of Eligibility to become a Trustee. If you haven't already done so, please sign it, and give it to the Secretary.
  • TAT Trustee Induction. Advice from u3a Office but you will need to have a Login ID and password to access this information.
  • Our Web Site and take time to become familiar with it's layout, particularly the contents of the Groups page.
  • Become familiar with Beacon. This an on-line database for handling our membership records.
  • Look at the Public and Products Liability insurance document. It is important that groups adhere to the conditions within this so Trustees should be aware of this document which, to be honest, is a bit vague in places!

Other u3a Organisations

  • The Third Age Trust (TAT). This is an umbrella organisation for all the u3as in the UK. We have to be a member of the TAT to call ourselves a u3a and we pay a subscription (currently £3.50 per member per year) to the TAT. We get certain benefits back from the TAT one of which is that every member gets by direct mail several copies of a magazine called Third Age Matters. The TAT has its own web site - click on Third Age Trust to find a lot of useful information. The TAT is run by an Executive made up of representatives from all areas of the UK and Wales has one representative, or Trustee, because the TAT is also a Charity.
  • The Wales Web site is not actually an organisation, it is just a web site that lists all the Welsh u3as, lists u3a events in Wales, and has a page for the Wales Trustee.
  • The South Wales Network is a loose collection of u3as in South Wales whose representatives meet once or twice per year to exchange ideas on good practice, help to set up new u3as, support failing u3as, and advertise and organise courses. Some people think it is important, others are not so sure! It has a web page within the Wales Web site.