Committee Members and Committee Support

The roles are not 'set in stone'. They may change with time, with the person doing the job, as new roles are created, as existing roles are modified, or simply that someone remembers they are doing something that hasn't been recorded. This web page should be updated on an regular basis.


  • Committee Meetings (CM). Liaise with Secretary before each CM regarding Agenda. Chair CM.
  • Liaise with committee members in between CMs to ensure progress of matters agreed at previous CM and preparation of matters for next CM.
  • Encourage committee members to develop their areas of responsibility.
  • Chair Monthly Meetings. Announce any urgent u3a business, introduce speaker, announce topic of next month's meeting.
  • Write short introductory article for Magazine.
  • Visit groups if invited
  • Maintain presence at monthly meetings, coffee mornings, social events, Open Day. Your presence is expected. Your absence will be noted!
  • Keep contact with Committee Members, Committee Support Team, Conveners, Groups and members and maintain a general awareness of Chepstow u3a matters.
  • Maintain awareness of National and South Wales Network issues. Pass on where appropriate.
  • Information or requests from outside bodies. Decide which of these are relevant to u3a and pass onto magazine, programme, FB etc
  • Prepare Trustee Annual Report (TAR) at end of year for approval by committee.
  • Inform Beacon Team of any changes to committee and committee support team so they can update Beacon access.
  • Inform Membership if you hear of any member who has died, left the area, is going to terminate membership etc.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open but be discrete. Members will confide in you if they know you will not pass on confidential information. But don't believe everything that you are told!

Vice Chairman

  • Act for Chairman when needed
  • Be prepared to help any of the other committee members if required
  • Prepare for the role of Chairman.


  • Committee Meetings (CM) - Liaises with Chairman before each CM regarding Agenda. Email committee members before CM to ask for Agenda items, issue Agenda before CM, take minutes, send draft to committee members for comments, send amended copies to committee members and send to web site. Print copy for file.
  • Conveners Meetings and any other meetings - treat in same way as CMs above
  • Correspondence - from third parties as well as from within the U3A. Inform committee, members etc as appropriate
  • Monthly Meetings - book Drill Hall about 18 months in advance, organise tea rota and update web site, remind groups on the rota and refer them to web site information on what is required and what to buy, buy the consumables, record £ spent and claim from Treasurer periodically. Display minutes, and any TAT flyers on notice board and any free U3A branded items from TAT.
  • Regional Trustee - notify details of new officers.
  • TAT - notifies details of new officers online. Monitor web site for National Mailings for anything of relevance and notify Committee or Conveners or membership. Receive National Mailings by post and extract any flyers to display at Monthly Meetings and/or inform Committee etc. Receive and file copies of any insurance or licence or copyright documents
  • AGM - notify members of AGM giving required notice. Issue nomination papers to interested parties and collect them back. Read nominations at AGM. Prepare Agenda and copy last year's minutes for meeting. Take current years minutes, issue draft to committee members for comments and issues final copies to committee members and web site.
  • After AGM - update Trustee details on Charity Commission web site and during year if Trustees change
  • Year Planner - ensure appropriate items are on Agenda and/or tasks are in hand and stay on Agenda until completed. Update as and when necessary
  • Miscellaneous - prepare name badges for new committee, maintain Secretary's file and archive when necessary, notify any relevant outside organisations of change of officers
  • Ensure all secretarial decisions are communicated to committee support team, members, Magazine or put on web site
  • Manage Zoom account and meeting bookings
  • Arrange periodic review/update of policies and procedures

Treasurer Role

  • This is split into two as show below
  • The u3a Financial Year runs from 1st January to 31st December
  • The Main, Activities, Membership and Walking Trip accounts are held with Lloyds Bank.
  • The COIF (Charities Official Investment Fund) accounts are deposit accounts managed by CCLA who are 'one of the UK's largest charity fund managers according to the latest Charity Finance Survey'. (This a a quote from their website).
  • Retention of data - All paperwork (receipts, bank statements, paying slips, etc) for all Accounts should be kept for six years.

Designated Funds Treasurer will:

  • Be responsible for the maintenance of the Activities Account, the Walking Week Account and the two COIF accounts.
  • Act as the main signatory for both the Activities Account and the Walking Week Account.
  • Act as the main liaison and financial contact for all activity groups, controlling records and answering any financial queries.
  • Receive requests for payments throughout the year and prepare duly authorised cheques and direct transfers from both the Activities Account and the Walking Week Account.
  • Regularly attend committee meetings in order to answer any queries on the Activities and Walking Week accounts.
  • Answer queries from Group Treasurers who are viewing individual monthly accounts on Beacon
  • Maintain control and payment of the Business Credit Card, linked to the Activities Account.
  • MONTHLY – Prepare the Groups Statement by summarising receipts and payments from the Activities Account, and post this statement on the website.
  • QUARTERLY – Receive summaries of CASH ONLY transactions from any groups who do not use the Activities Account. Enter this information onto Beacon.
  • ANNUALLY – in November, request year end accounts from all Group Treasurers.
  • ANNUALLY – in January, prepare the Year End Accounts incorporating both the Designated Funds and the General Funds, and submit these to the Independent Auditor for verification.
  • ANNUALLY – in March, present the signed Annual Accounts at the AGM. Submit accounts to the Charity Commission and post on the website.

General Funds Treasurer will:

  • Be responsible for the maintenance of the two General Fund bank accounts, namely the Main Account and the Membership Account.
  • Prepare bank mandate(s) for new signatories, as required, and submit to Lloyds Bank.
  • Receive requests for payments and prepare duly authorised cheques and direct transfers from the Main Account.
  • Transfer funds from the Membership Account to the Main Account when necessary in order to maintain a working capital.
  • Regularly attend committee meetings in order to answer any queries on the Main and Membership accounts.
  • MONTHLY – Pay for speakers and tea rota at the monthly meetings. Collect any cash takings from book sales.
  • MONTHLY – Prepare the Financial Statement of receipts and payments for the Main bank accounts and post this statement on the website.
  • ANNUALLY – in November/December prepare the budget for the following year for discussion and approval. Make recommendations to the committee for the level of subscriptions for the next financial year star


  • Book Speakers for most months. July is summer party and December is Christmas party when u3a entertainment groups are usually booked and there is no meeting in August.
  • Book programme for up to 1 year ahead
  • Have an contingency plan in case speaker fails to turn up or cancels at last moment
  • Agree budget for speakers with Committee in December/January
  • Speaker: agree fee and expenses, confirm arrival and start time, advise that they have the floor for one hour to include questions, ascertain what equipment they will need
  • Inform Treasurer of Speaker's fee for cheque to be available at meeting or agree Direct Transfer arrangements.
  • Liaise with Drill Hall caretaker and Drill Hall Liaison Officer regarding the Speaker's requirements (projector, screen etc)
  • Ensure all Programme decisions are communicated to non committee, members, Magazine and added to web site.

Convener Liaison

  • The key point of contact for conveners and members.
  • Supports members who want to start a new activity group.
  • Checks new groups meet Charitable Objects.
  • Signposts to appropriate publications and other sources of information.
  • Provides support to conveners of an existing activity group who need information/advice or who have a problem that might need taking to the committee for consideration.
  • Follows up the progress of new groups and reports back to committee.
  • Asks conveners to check the annual updated list of members to ensure that participants in their group have renewed their membership. And ensures new members actually join the U3A.
  • Organises the Conveners’ Meeting.
  • Ensure all Convener Liaison decisions are communicated to non committee, members, newsletter or put on web site.
  • Changes to groups or conveners including new groups or groups ceasing to exist: update website, Beacon and magazine


  • To compile and keep an up-to-date accurate database of Chepstow U3A members using the Beacon Management System. This list includes Membership number, name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • Welcome new members who apply either at the monthly meeting, coffee morning, through a telephone call, the web site or the post. Issue an Membership & Gift Aid form. Issue Membership Card (if required) and Members Handbook and any further information required on receipt of application form.
  • Answer U3A telephone, email or web site queries.
  • Each year collect Membership renewal money. This may be at monthly meetings, through the post, U3A coffee mornings, via conveners or online. The U3A year runs from April to March. Issue membership card (if required) either at the monthly meeting or through the post as required. Ensure the database is updated regularly. The busiest time of the year being February, March and April.
  • Send out emails on a regular basis during the main membership renewal period to remind members that subscriptions are due.
  • Support conveners as required with new members and checking group membership.
  • Support Third Age Matters coordinator as required.
  • End of June change status of non-paying members in Beacon from ‘current’ to ‘lasped’.
  • Monthly – compile Attendance lists. Issue to helpers at the monthly meeting who will sign members in. From this info update Attendance Analysis spread-sheet.
  • End of the year in December give final membership number, (excluding associate members) to Secretary or Treasurer so that he or she can pay our members’ subscription to U3A headquarters.
  • Liaise with committee to ensure sufficient Members Booklets and to update as required. Question need for these next time reprinting is required.
  • Keep committee informed of matters relating to membership via attendance at committee meetings or through assistant membership secretary.
  • Ensure all Membership decisions and up to date information are communicated to all members via magazine and/or put on web site.

Assistant Membership

  • Assist Membership Secretary (MS) with new or recently joined members at monthly meetings and give help and advice about Chepstow U3A including joining groups and completing Membership and Gift Aid form.
  • Represent the MS in Committee if the MS is not a Committee Member or not present.
  • Monthly Meetings - assist the MS in collecting subs. at busy times. Stand in for MS if MS is absent.

Gift Aid

  • Register details with HMRC
  • Ensure that Gift Aid data in Beacon is up to date
  • Use Beacon to prepare the annual return for submission to HMRC
  • Use Beacon to promote Gift Aid to those members who have not opted for Gift Aid

New Members Support

  • Contact new members during their first year of membership to welcome them to Chepstow U3A'
  • Follow up phone call after two months to check that they have 'settled in' and answer any queries
  • Use Beacon to determine reasons why members leave Chepstow U3A, particularly after their first year of membership to see if there are any actions we can take to reduce these numbers.


  • To develop a clear communications strategy both internally, and externally
  • To facilitate implementation of the strategy throughout Chepstow U3A
  • To ensure that all communication is clear, relevant and promotes the aims of Chepstow U3A
  • To develop a team from U3A members who can develop and produce creative material
  • To develop a team from within U3A members who have creative and communication skills
  • To control cost and quality of all publicity materials produced
  • To develop a PR strategy and implement within local media
  • To promote events run by U3A committee, and when requested by the groups

New Constitution

  • This has been agreed with TAT, approved by our members in February 2018 and sent to TAT for them to pass onto the Charity Commission (CC).
  • We are now awaiting approval by CC
  • Ensure all Constitution decisions are communicated to non committee, members, newsletter or put on web site.

Drill Hall Liaison

  • Liaise with programme coordinator and Drill Hall caretaker in advance regarding requirements: screen, projector, lighting, tables, cupboards, chairs, stage & lighting etc
  • Ensure these requirements are met on the day
  • Assist with setting up of books, tea box, stage lighting, as required
  • Ensure speaker or performers have all they need

Web Site

  • Maintain the Chepstow U3A Web Site as a platform of information for members and prospective members
  • Liaise with the U3A Site Administration Team regarding any problems that occur with the Chepstow U3A Web Site
  • Update the Web Site with new information whenever this is required
  • Enable conveners and other members in maintaining their own activity pages on the Web Site
  • Answer any ad hoc queries regarding all aspects of web site

Third Age Matters (TAM)

  • Maintain TAM data on Beacon so those not entitled to TAM and those who do not want TAM are recorded accordingly.
  • Receive data from TAT indicating the dates when TAM data has to be submitted
  • Download data from Beacon to spreadsheet and send to TAT at the specified times.

South Wales Network (SWN) Contact

  • Communicate any decisions made at SWN meetings to Chepstow u3a
  • Communicate any relevant decisions taken by Chepstow u3a to SWN.
  • Distribute any relevant communications from SWN to Chepstow u3a.
  • Communicate, as appropriate, with other Networks or other small groups of u3aAs with the aim of enhancing cooperation and adding to the opportunities available to U3A members.

Social Events Coordinator

  • Maintain the Social Group page on the web site
  • Coordinate social events organised by other members or Groups
  • Organise social events in conjunction with the committee or other members.
  • Suggest Social events that other members, Groups or the committee may wish to organise
  • This role may be carried out by one or more person

Facebook Page Manager

  • Maintain the Chepstow u3a FB page
  • Seek contributions from Committee, Groups and members

Data Protection

  • Maintain Data Protection policy and procedures
  • Ensure other polices/procedures are compliant with goodd data protection practice
  • Receive and process communications regarding data protection, informing the committee as appropriate
  • Role currently undertaken by the Secretary

Risk Register (RR)

  • Maintains the RR
  • Ensure the RR is discussed and updated in committee twice per year.
  • Submits it to the RR Auditor (Brian Mahoney) annually.
  • Role currently undertaken by the Secretary

Beacon System Administrator

  • To support the functions of Chepstow U3A by interacting with both the Committee & U3A members to provide an efficient service

Key Attributes:

  • Have an understanding of data systems; confidentiality, efficiency and ability to maintain good communications. Be conversant with IT industry standards for managing a Computer System.

Day to Day:

  • Recommend solutions to user requests, through understanding the database physical structure and functional capabilities, database security, data back-up, and recovery specifications
  • Deal with systems queries and process requests by system users in relation to problem solving, systems configuration and technical faults
  • Track all e-mail non-deliveries and contact addressees to resolve issues
  • Check the audit Log for activity and report to committee on a monthly basis

Maintenance of the System:

  • Maintain system users as requested and allocate the correct role access required to enable each user to access the appropriate data in order to support the requested functions of the U3A
  • Define, enforce and document database policies, procedures and standards in line with industry standard data analysis techniques, whilst ensuring data security, privacy (GDPR) and integrity

Support & Training:

  • Provide training for users (especially Group Conveners) on how to use the Beacon system
  • Access the User’s Forum for updates and queries
  • Be conversant with the Beacon User Guide
  • Ensure all relevant Beacon Support information is communicated to all users of the system and/or the U3A committee.
  • Be aware of major updates and amendments by the Beacon Support Team and roll out to users as required
  • Liaise with the Beacon Development Team & Beacon Support Team as required
  • Attend Beacon conferences as appropriate
  • Manage users’ expectations on your availability