Aims and Principles

Our Aim
To promote lifelong learning by encouraging people in their Third Age to derive pleasure from pursuing old and new interests with other people in ways that exercise both mind and body.

The guiding principle in achieving this aim is through self-help shared learning, in a mutually supportive environment, where all members are on an equal footing.

Our Guiding Principles
Our effectiveness and success depends on members:

  • Participating in the wide range of activity groups currently available
  • Employing their life experience, knowledge and expertise, thereby offering mutual support and friendship to others
  • Sharing the benefits of the U3A with their friends and acquaintances in order to attract new members
  • Being willing to engage freely in discussions within a group, observing appropriate debating standards
  • Taking the initiative in starting new groups
  • Being willing to consider the role of convener of a group, possibly in a shared capacity
  • Keeping other members informed of developments that are relevant to U3A activities
  • Recognising that any work they may do in supporting U3A activities is voluntary and unpaid.
  • Not introducing commercial, business, party political, or religious interests into U3A activities
  • Not seeking sponsorship, selling raffle tickets, or collecting for charities

Other Guidance

  • Please don't advertise non U3A trips and holidays without the express permission of the Committee
  • Please don't advertise any non u3a matters using current or old u3a distribution lists as this may contravene the Data Protection Act.