Groups Summary

Art & Photography Groups

Art Appreciation Art Club Painting & Drawing Painting for Pleasure Photography

Music & Drama Groups

Rock Music Appreciation The Chepstow U3A Choir Recorder Playing Ukulele Wyenotes Guitar
Classical Music AppreciationFilm Appreciation Play Reading Theatre Drama Opera AppreciationCinema

Literature & Languages Groups

Bookworms Groups Book Group Poetry Appreciation Reading (Non-Fiction),
Conversation Française French Conversation French RONdezvous Oser Parler Français
Deutsch für spaß Norwegian Spanish Conversation Dysgu Cymraeg Latin
Spanish Beginners 1Creative WritingDiscussion Group

Ism’s & Ologies Groups

Philosophy Groups Psychology for Everyday Life History Family History
Social BridgeBridge - Duplicate Bridge for Beginners
Mah Jong ComputerCoronavirus Statistics
ChessMeditationTaoist Tai Chi Scrabble

Leisure Activity Groups

Flower Arranging Gardening Handicrafts Natural History/Bird Watching
Real Ale Appreciation Wine Appreciation AwayDays Card Making

Physical Activity Groups

Table Tennis Ballroom Dancing Dance In Line Cycling Cycling Easy Riders
Badminton Badminton Beginners
Walking Groups Summary
The Hillwalkers Hill Ramblers The Striders 1 The Striders 2 The Strollers Easy Walkers
The Walking Weeks