Hillwalkers Cambrian Way

The Cambrian Way is a long distance path devised by Tony Drake in the 1990's and, in his own words, 'Provides an excuse to visit most of the best parts of Wales'. His guide book calls it The Mountain Connoisseur's Walk. Click on Website Cambrian Way for more details.

Starting at Cardiff Castle, the route meanders through most of the major Welsh hills to finish after 440 arduous kilometers at Conwy Castle. It is not an official path so is not way marked, and it goes through some challenging and sometimes hostile territory. Consequently it relies on the compass and map reading skills of the leaders and requires careful planning, particularly in some of the mid and north Wales sections. It is not a route to be undertaken by inexperienced walkers.

We started in February 2013 and initially completed sections on Wednesdays in south Wales but as travelling for day trips became more difficult we used Hostels, Bunkhouses, and, finally, a converted chapel, for two, three, four, and finally seven day trips in Mid and North Wales.

We completed the whole route arriving in Conwy on Friday September 9th 2016 after a weary and sometimes wind battered week in the Glyders and the Carneddau. But what incredible scenery! Well done to the Group as a whole for to have completed this route is a achievement that only experienced mountain walkers can really appreciate.

The walk has been an incredible experience as we have seen some of the most beautiful scenery that Wales has to offer. Some of it is well known like the Brecon Beacons, Cadair Idris, and Snowdon where we have met many other walkers. Other parts of it have been just as breathtaking, such as the Dovey Hills (where we met no one) or the Rhinogs or the more remote parts of the Carneddau. Where are these lesser known mountains of Wales? Look at the Website Cambrian Way to investigate it further and you will find out!

For some photos of our expedition see Cambrian Way Photos - Archive