Paying for Events and Outings

You Have Three Options

 A/c NameSort CodeA/c No.
Direct TransferChepstow U3A30-91-8901289562 In the Reference Field we need a short code to identify the group you are paying the money for, the first four characters of your surname to identify you, and what you are paying for. (if it is an Away Days trip then tell us the name of the trip). For example, AWD SHOT BATH or HW SHOT DINNER. Please also tell the Convener that you have paid in this way. See Reference Field below
Cheque toChepstow U3A  Cheques can be given to the Convener at Monthly Meetings or Coffee Mornings and must not be paid directly into our bank accounts.
Cash   As per cheques

Reference Field

  • You will have a lot of details to put in this field and usually not much space so abbreviate carefully and clearly. It is essential that we can identify your payment. If we cannot then your payment will not be credited to the correct place.
  • Start with a two or three digit code to identify your Group.
  • Then put the first four characters of your Surname.
  • Then put the event your are paying for or the trip if it is Away Days
  • In addition, you MUST tell the Convener because they do not see the Bank Account so they will not always know you have paid into the Account if you do not tell them!