Safety Guidelines

We are all out for the enjoyment of the ride but we must recognise that safety is of overriding importance. Please take time to read the National U3A Cycling Guidelines.

CYCLING IS NOT, OF ITSELF, DANGEROUS. But we all owe a duty of care to others and we all need to obey the rules and be safe.
All those participating in a U3A ride do so at their own risk. Only members of the U3A are covered by U3A liability insurance.
Before taking part in a ride, please ensure that you have a safe, roadworthy machine. Suitable clothing is recommended. Helmets are a personal choice.
Please carry a spare tube and/or a puncture outfit and a pump. It is recommended that lights are carried –just in case delays mean that you run out of daylight.
Please carry a personal first aid kit.

Safe Cycling Guidance
Ride safely, following the Highway Code at all times.
If you are riding in a group follow the instructions of the leader at all times. Do not pass the leader unless he/she agrees.
If you become separated from the group, do not take any risks in catching up - the group will wait for you.
Riders should ride not more than two abreast. Often riding in a single file is safer.
Riders should not ride too close to others who may not be used to riding with you. Shout warnings (e.g. “car behind!” or “horses ahead!”) and signal riders if there is a danger in the road.
Let other riders know well in advance if you intend to stop – shout “Stopping” loudly.
Take care on all lanes, looking and listening for other users including walkers, horse riders and cars.
Take extra care at junctions and when crossing main roads, stopping to ensure that it is safe – make your own decision to proceed.