Safe Use of Venues

Many of our groups use hired premises as venues for their activities. We want to ensure that the premises we use provide a safe environment for our members. The Third Age Trust recommends a two stage process to promote safe use of venues:

Complete a Venues Risk Assessment Checklist for all premises when first used and annually during the month of January thereafter.

This will be completed by the group convener or event organiser for all premises used for Chepstow u3a events and may be retained by the convener or event organiser for future reference. It provides a checklist of key items to ensure a safe environment for group activities and will ensure that the convener has a good understanding of issues such as fire and emergency procedures, first aid provision, kitchen and toilet arrangements, all-ability access etc. All venues should have this information readily available.

Go through a simple Venue Checklist (Day of Use) of key items each time the venue is used. The provides a convenient reminder of items that the Convener can go through each time the venue is used. It is self-explanatory and will take only a few minutes at the start of the meeting. The safety briefing need not be given at the start of every meeting where a group meets at the same venue weekly or monthly, but members should be reminded of it at regular intervals and new members should always be made aware of it.