Fully Subscribed Groups

Guidance for actions to be taken when your group has become fully subscribed and not open to new members

1 Update your webpage
It is essential that your webpage provides the correct information for anyone who is looking at the Chepstow u3a website for details of the activities that are available to them. If you are not accepting new members into your group, then please ensure that you clearly state this on your webpage and the reason for this. e.g. you currently have 12 members, meet in each others’ houses, and cannot accommodate higher numbers at present.

Add an encouraging sentence for anyone who is interested, to contact the Convener if they wish to find out more about the group, and be placed on a “waiting list” for the group.

2 Update your Beacon list
If the individual wishes to be placed on a waiting list, then make use of the “waiting list” facility on Beacon, as follows:

  • Under your “Group Details” page, tick the box that says “enable waiting list”.
  • Put a number for the maximum numbers that you want the group to have. This automatically limits your numbers. (NB Ensure that your list of members is up-to-date and that you have removed members who no longer attend, so that the number recorded as being in the group is accurate).
  • If you then add another member to the group (i.e. a new enquirer) and this takes this number above your maximum, then they are assigned automatically to a waiting list in your group and the date they joined this list is also shown.
  • To add members to the group from the waiting list (if a place becomes available) you can simply click “Join Group”

3 Monitor your waiting list
Ensure that you monitor your group members’ list on Beacon, where you can see:

  • how many potential new members are waiting
  • how long they have been waiting

If you find that it is unlikely that you will be able accommodate a new member in the near future, consider what steps you could take to help them to set up an additional group in the same area of activity. Some ideas:

  • could anyone from your group help to set up a new group or could the group split into 2 smaller groups? We have several examples of some activities being run through more than one group.
  • could we advertise for more people who might be interested: through the monthly Chepstow U3A Magazine, or Convener Liaison could send an email to all members?
  • Would you be prepared to offer some support to a new Convener of a new group?

It is important that we do not leave potential members languishing on a waiting list for
long periods – make sure that you keep Convener Liaison informed of any issues with a
growing list, or if one prospective new member is unlikely to be accommodated.