Magazine Upload to Webpage

The jpg of the front cover and the Magazine are uploaded to the Magazine page of the website before the 1st of the month to check for problems. However, the magazine is given a DummyName. On the day before publication the DummyName is changed to the actual month name and the new Magazine replaces the previous months Magazine at the top of the page and is added to the list of Magazines near the foot of the page. Sounds complicated but once you have done it a couple of times it becomes clearer.

Receiving the Magazine

  • Get the next months front page (as a jpg file) and the magazine (as a pdf) in an email from the u3a member who is creating the magazine in a desk top publishing package (Chris Whiteman)
  • Download these to your PC.

Upload the Jpg of the Magazine Front Page to the Web Site

  • Check that you know where the jpg file is on your PC (usually Downloads)
  • Log into Site Builder
  • Select 'Pictures' and then 'Add Picture'
  • Select Choose File and go to the Directory on your PC where the jpg is held.
  • Click on the jpg and then, in Site Builder, Upload this File.
  • You then enter the data as
  •     Magazine and Facebook
  •     December 2025 (for example)
  •     Usage: Full
  •     In Line: Yes
  •     Omit from Gallery: No
  •     Ignore Link from Logo (Don’t know what this means!)
  •     Then Click ‘Save Data’
  • Then go to 'Pages' and 'Edit Page' and Select ‘Magazine and Facebook’
  • Initially add the ‘code’ (see next point below) and Magazine December 2025 in list at bottom of page. This will be transferred to the top of page on day before 1st of month.
  • To get the ‘code’ go to the bottom of the whole page and click on 'Picture references for In line insertion'
  • Look for December 2025 (or whatever you called it) and double click on the number with ‘l’ (that's a small version of the letter 'L').
  • Click on 'OK' at the top of the page.
  • Go to the left hand side of ‘Magazine’ and double click and the ‘code’ will appear.

This last part sounds very complicated but it is just an alternative to copy and paste!

Upload the Magazine Pdf to Google Drive

  • Check that you know where the Magazine is on your PC (usually Downloads)
  • Activate Google Chrome
  • Select DS Email Tab
  • Click on the big CAPITAL D in circle on RHS
  • Select (Password: Magazine)
  • Click on the 9-dot square in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  • Select ‘Drive’ (the green, yellow and blue triangle)
  • Double click ‘Magazine pdfs’ when it appears (near bottom middle of screen)
  • Click ‘New’ (top LHS) and then ‘File upload’
  • Select the magazine pdf to be uploaded from your computer
  • Once the file is uploaded, find the new file you have just uploaded and right click on it and select ‘get link’
  • Change 'Restricted' to 'Anyone with Link'
  • Select 'Copy Link'
  • Click 'Done'

Create a Link to the Magazine pdf on Google Drive

  • On the U3A Site Builder Page, select ‘Links’ and ‘Add Link’
  • In ‘another site’ press Ctrl ‘V’ (this copies in the link from the 'Copy Link' procedure above)
  • In ‘From page’ select ‘Magazine and Facebook’
  • In ‘Link Text’ enter temporary text (DummyText see below) which will be replaced by the actual text month e.g. Magazine June 2018 on the day before the first of the month.
  • Select ‘Yes’ for ‘Inline only’
  • Press ‘Save data’

NOTE Send pdf copy of Magazine to

DummyName (you can use any text you want) – this is used when file is loaded early to see if it all works so that there will be no problems when it goes live on the 1st of the month. DummyName is set at the foot of the Magazine page but the keyword must be changed each month.

Previous editions of the magazine are held at the foot of the Magazine page so the current month is added twice. Once at the top of the page and once at the foot of the page.