Aug Workshop

Book Quiz

Fill in the missing word in these book titles.
For an extra challenge try to remember who wrote them!

1. Sense and ---
2. Jane ---
3. A Tale of --- Cities
4. Far from the --- Crowd
5. The --- in the Willows
6. Watership ---
7. Lord of the ---
8. The Lord of the ---
9. The --- of Wrath
10. The --- Code
11. A Town Like ---
12. The House at --- Corner
13. Where --- Fear to Tread
14. The Power and the ---
15. The --- on the Floss
16. Harry Potter and the --- of Fire
17. Half of a --- Sun
18. A High Wind in ---
19. A Portrait of the --- as a Young Man
20. The Kite ---
21. The Diary of Anne ---
22. Jamaica ---
23. Lady --- Lover
24. The Adventures of --- Finn
25. Flaubert’s ---
26. A --- Splendid Suns
27. The --- Thief
28. --- are not the only Fruit
29. Never Let Me ---
30. The Life and Loves of a ---
31. Nineteen ---
32. To Kill a ---
33. The --- of Kilimanjaro
34. --- in Venice
35. The Picture of --- Gray
36. The --- of our Discontent
37. How Green is my ---
38. Life after ---
39. The Boy in the --- Pyjamas
40. --- Swans
41. The --- Whisperer
42. We Need to Talk About ---
43. One --- Years of Solitude
44. The --- in the Rye
45. Jonathan --- Seagull
46. The Tale of Peter ---
47. The Secret Diary of ---
48. The Thorn ---
49. The --- Bones
50. The Remains of the ---

August Writing Exercises

1. For each colour of the rainbow, write down something good you associate with the colour and then something not so good. (Don’t think it about it too much – just write about the first image that comes into your head.)

2. For each of the following words, write down as many other words you can think of that mean the same or similar. Try to think of at least 5 for each word. (Don’t use a dictionary or thesaurus as that would defeat the object. It’s not an exam or a competition, just a way of thinking about vocabulary! You can always look it up later if a word on the tip of your tongue is bugging you!)


3. Write a sentence for each of the above, showing someone feeling these, but not using any of these words or your alternatives. Try to do this by describing the way they act, e.g. He glared at her before he left the room, slamming the door behind him. (Angry)

4. If you have ever played the game Taboo you may be familiar with this idea. For each word describe the object, person or animal as accurately and precisely as possible so that another person could guess it, but without using any of the ‘taboo’ words in brackets.
e,g. if you had to describe a Bat without using the taboo words (Night, Fly, Vampire, Upside-down, Cricket) you might say ‘a creature commonly found in caves or hanging from a ceiling, often featured at Halloween.’

Skeleton (Skull, Body, Bones, Key, Closet)
Rabbit (Hare, Bunny, Hop, Ears, Talk)
Vow (Promise, Wedding, Commitment, Marry, Pledge)
Tandem (Two, Ride, Bicycle, Pair, Wheels)
Y-Fronts (Pants, Men, Underwear, Boxers, Uncool)
Shave (Razor, Close, Beard, Legs, Armpits)
Spouse (Husband, Wife, Partner, Marry, Mate)
Baked Beans (Toast, Tin, Heinz, Tomato Sauce, Cowboy)
Cone (Traffic, Orange, Ice-cream, Pine, Fir)
Password (Secret, Type, Computer, Enter, Bank)

5. Write a sentence in which each word starts with the next letter of the alphabet. Your sentence doesn’t have to make logical sense (it can be as bonkers as you like!) but it must be just one single sentence that makes grammatical sense.
(When it comes to X you are allowed to use words that really start ‘ex’ but will make it easier to fit in for this e.g. xplore, xcite, xamine, xtremely, xtraordinary, xcept etc.)
e.g. A bear careered down Everest from great heights in just knitted luridly magnificent neon orange pyjamas quoting rude sonnets to unbelievably venturesome wildly xcited young zebras. 

6. Write as long a sentence as you can manage in which all the words start with the first letter of your name (This may be easier for some of you than others!)
e.g. Tiny Tommy Tippins travelled to Twickenham town theatre taking the ten twenty train towards Towcester Towers to teach the twelve tricky though talented turkeys to tango twice through tempestuous thunder.

7. Write down with brief reason for your choices:
Six people (living or historical) you’d like to meet or would like to have met
Six countries you’d like to visit
Six things you’d like to do or wish you had done

8. Write a limerick starting:
In Lockdown …..