Group Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments and Guides for their Completion


  • Some different groups share the same risk assessment. However each group is listed separately (in alphabetical order for approved risk assessments) for ease of access.
Activity GroupsRisk Assessment Art AppreciationArt appreciation (outdoors) Approved
Risk Assessment BadmintonBadminton (indoors)Approved
Risk Assessment Ballroom DancingBallroom dancing (indoors)Approved
Risk Assessment Big Bad WoofUkelele playing and singing (indoors)Approved
Risk Assessment BookwormsBook discussion (indoors)Approved
Risk Assessment ChoirSinging (outdoors)Approved
Risk Assessment Classical MusicMusic appreciation (indoors)Approved
Risk Assessment CyclingCyclingApproved
Risk Assessment Dancing in lineDancing in line (indoors)Approved
Risk Assessment Dysgu CymraegOutdoor Welsh studies (private gardens)Approved
Risk Assessment Dysgu Cymraeg (a)Welsh studies (indoors)Approved
Risk Assessment Flower ArrangingFlower arranging (indoors)Approved
Risk Assessment French ConversationOutdoor French studies (private gardens)Approved
Risk Assessment French RONdezvousFrench studies (indoors and private gardens)Approved
Risk Assessment German for FunOutdoor German studies (private gardens)Approved
Risk Assessment GuitarGuitar Playing (indoors)Approved
Risk Assessment HandicraftsHandicrafts (indoors)Approved
Risk Assessment Natural HistoryNatural History and Bird WatchingApproved
Risk Assessment Painting for PleasurePainting & Drawing (indoors)Approved
Risk Assessment PhotographyPhotography (outdoors)Approved
Risk Assessment PsychologyPsychology discussion (indoors)Approved
Risk Assessment RecordersRecorder playing (indoors)Approved
Risk Assessment Reading (non fiction)Reading non-fiction (private gardens) Approved
Risk Assessment Spanish BeginnersLearning Spanish (indoors)Approved
Risk Assessment Spanish ConversationOutdoor Spanish studies (public spaces)Approved
Risk Assessment Spanish Conversation (a)Outdoor Spanish studies (private gardens)Approved
Risk Assessment Sunday Lunch ClubSocial Dining (indoors)Approved
Risk Assessment Table TennisTable tennis (indoors)Approved
Risk Assessment Tai ChiOutdoor Tai Chi (public spaces) Approved
Risk Assessment WalkingEasy Walkers, Wanderers, Strollers, Striders 1 & 2, HillwalkersApproved
Risk Assessment Wine AppreciationOutdoor Wine Appreciation 1 & 4 (private gardens)Approved
Chepstow U3AModel Risk Assessments Approved asessments above should be used as models for future risk assessments.
Checklist GuidanceGuidance for completing the Activity Risk Assessment Checklist
Coronavirus Risk ManagementReference standards for use in the Activity Risk Assessment Checklist
TATTAT Risk AssessmentTAT (Third Age Trust) Risk Assessment for outdoor activities

Attendee Lists
Conveners can download a spreadsheet of group members names from Beacon. At the bottom of your list of members, select all members and, in place of 'Send E Mail', select 'Download Excel' to download a spreadsheet that you can use to tick off attendees' names, using a different column for each meeting.