Road Map to Restarting Normal Activities

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a clear hierarchy of requirements that must be satisfied before Chepstow U3A can restart normal (i.e. non-virtual or face-to-face) activities:

       1. Government regulations;
       2. Government guidance;
       3. TAT (Third Age Trust) guidance;
       4. Chepstow U3A requirements; and
       5. Convener and member requirements.

This page seeks to establish a route map to restarting normal group activities.

  • For these purposes, government regulations and government guidance will be treated as mandatory. However, the Chepstow U3A situation as a Welsh U3A with some activities taking place in England creates some ambiguity regarding which regulations and guidance are applicable. In the absence of advice from TAT, the Welsh regulations and guidance will be applied to all activities, except where the activity takes place in England and the English regulations/guidance are more restrictive.
  • TAT has periodically issued guidance which interprets government regulations and guidance in the context of U3A activities. On the basis that TAT will continue to issue advice as the situation evolves, it will be assumed that the latest TAT guidance takes account of relevant government regulations and guidance.
  • The committee has a duty of care to members, which is interpreted as a need to:

        1. Limit activities taking place under the auspices of Chepstow U3A to those which have acceptably low risk, taking account of current guidance;
        2. Communicate relevant information to conveners and members;
        3. Define what precautions must be taken before normal activities can restart;
        4. Approve restart of activities only when the risk is judged acceptably low; and
        5. Keep the situation under review and respond to developments.

Conveners and members, taking account of their individual circumstances, should not feel under pressure to restart activities, even when these are permitted.

Steps Required

1Create restart web page Completed
2Reiterate to conveners and members that normal activities are not to restart without the specific approval of the committee Completed
3Compile a list of issues which will need to be addressed as part of allowing normal activities to restart Completed
4Monitor government and TAT communications to identify when normal activities might be permitted (or restricted)SecretaryOngoing
5Develop specific advice on precautions to be implemented before normal activities restart SecretaryOngoing
6Invite conveners to make proposals for restart of normal activities, taking account of this adviceConvener liaisonOngoing
7Approve restart of normal activitiesCommittee Ongoing