Joining a Zoom Meeting

  • You need to have a link.
  • You will normally receive this this in an email from the meeting organiser
  • You simply click on this link and you will be connected to the Zoom session


  • If it is your first time using Zoom you will be informed that some software is being loaded automatically so you may be asked to agree to Terms and Conditions etc. This is quite normal.
  • But if you want to use your tablet or smartphone, you have to load the Zoom App first.
  • Chepstow U3A User experience to date has shown that Zoom works on all devices apart from Samsung Tablets with an operating system below 5 and the occasional Smartphone, and for one Apple MAc user there was a problem with security settings.
  • If, when you get into Zoom, you can see everyone else but can't hear them, check that your volume is turned on!
  • However, for the vast majority of devices there is no problem.

'Trial' Zoom Sessions. We run these for those who haven't used Zoom before. If you would like to join one or if you have any queries about Zoom just click on Secretary