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This page is for information and events which are not directly related to Chepstow u3a but may be of interest to members. If want to publicise and event to u3a members, please contact the Secretary ( We do not support sponsorship, raffle ticket sales and charity collection. In accordance with our status as a charity, we are unable to publicise political events or items which are incompatible with our charitable principles.

Living Well with MS sessions

The MS Society have asked us to share these details of their UK wide up and coming Living Well with MS sessions.

Healthy lifestyle and diet to manage MS Webinar – 19 January 2022
Managing my emotions and MS Webinar - 3 February 2022
Meditation and mindfulness for daily life Webinar - 23 February 2022
Relationships and MS Webinar – 15 March 2022
MS and five ways to wellbeing – 25 January 2022
What Next? Newly diagnosed information sessions – 8 February 2022
Conversation café: managing my emotions – 22 February 2022
Changing symptoms wellbeing sessions – 8 March 2022
Conversation café: relationships and MS – 29 March 2022
These sessions reflect on and share experiences and look at different ways to live well with MS.
Family and friends of those with MS can take part in a virtual session with others across the UK. As well as our usual hourly chat sessions, new to 2022 we will have a series of themed webinars. We have the following activities planned this Spring:
Conversation café for family and friends of those with MS – 31 Jan 2022
Friends, family and colleagues new to MS Webinar – 28 February 2022
Conversation café for family and friends of those with MS – 28 Mar 2022
You can see all the MS Society services on their webpage, or follow them on Eventbrite to keep up to date with their events.

Free On-Line Courses

EPP Cymru - Educational Programme for Patients, in association with NHS Wales and the Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations, is offering free online courses for patients and carers. The patients’ courses cover topics such as pain management, living with long-term conditions, diabetes and cancer.
For more information, see the leaflets: Carers courses and Patients courses.

Do you know anyone who could benefit from help with reading or writing?

Forest Read Easy Deal (FRED) has been helping adults improve their reading and writing in the Forest of Dean District for about ten years.
Working at the pace of the Reader, this is not time-limited and is not subject to tests or exams.
We provide one-to-one, free and confidential assistance through trained and supported volunteer coaches throughout the district.
We follow the programme set out in the "Turning Pages" manuals produced by the Shannon Trust (
At present unfortunately we are unable to hold our usual sessions in person but are in contact with Readers remotely to provide some continuity.
We are still able to carry out assessments from contacts over the phone and line up Coach and Reader pairs for when we can return later in the year.
We have a number of trained coaches living within travelling distance of Chepstow, who would be able to set up sessions locally, and we would like to explore this possibility in 2021. We are unaware of any similar service operating in this part of Monmouthshire.
Our real challenge is finding new ways of contacting and engaging potential new Readers. We are very dependent on support agencies referring people to us or word of mouth through families and friends. It would be really helpful if you could let us know if there are individuals known to you who could benefit from the FRED approach.
If you would like more information about FRED, please let us know or look at our website, or our Facebook page @forestreadeasydeal where there are many examples of how learning to read in later life has greatly improved lives, or contact 07746 371353 email

Please note: We are often asked to publicise research studies and trials to our members. Where we do so it is because we believe it may be of interest to you although we are not endorsing or promoting the research study in any way. The Chepstow U3A Committee has not undertaken any checks or due diligence on the relevant department or the study itself and accepts no liability whatsoever if you decide to agree to participate. If you choose to take part in any study, you do so at your own risk and in your own capacity and not as a U3A member. You should make sure that you understand all the risks associated with any study before you sign up and ensure that you understand the time commitment, any restrictions and possible side effects. You should also ensure that, where relevant, you will be insured as part of the study.