Continuous Improvement Policy

u3a 2020 - Raising the Profile of the Movement - A Briefing Document from the Third Age Trust (TAT)

'There are signs of a serious threat to the u3a movement which we need to address whilst we are still growing and in a healthy state. We are in our middle years, approaching our 40th Birthday, and signs of ageing need be taken seriously. This briefing is to make you aware of the potential threat and to explain how the Third Age Trust Board is addressing it and to encourage your participation and support.'

These are the first few worrying lines of this document. Your Committee have considered it and prepared a response which has been sent to TAT. Both these can be found below:

Click onu3a 2020 Raising the Profile of the Movementfor the TAT briefing
u3a 2020 Raising the Profile - Chepstow Responsefor the Chepstow u3a response

Continuous Improvement Policy - Chepstow u3a
Continuous improvement prevents an organisation becoming too comfortable with the status quo, with little change or development and an acceptance of imperfections and dissatisfactions. It promotes change and development – either incremental or major.

The Committee aims to ensure continuous improvement for the membership of Chepstow u3a thorough the encouragement of change and development and through good communication with its members.

One of the mechanisms to ensure that Chepstow u3a continues to improve and grow, is to actively seek and welcome all feedback, compliments and complaints. The Committee aims to capture and review lessons learned from complaints and comments so that they contribute to improvement in the experience of all our members.

We will gather feedback, compliments and complaints through the following:

  • Feedback surveys, following a specific activity e.g. an outing organized by a group or any event. This can then inform the Convener of that group or organiser of the event about the success (or otherwise!) of the trip/event and help with the planning of future activities. Click on Feedback Survey Form to print off a form. This is, of course, optional and could be used as and when it is considered to be appropriate.
  • General Surveys of the membership about a specific topic or topics.
  • Encouraging ongoing comments and feedback from the membership.
  • Follow-up of members who decide not to renew their membership of Chepstow u3a.
  • Specific sessions with key members e.g. Conveners, to gather their ideas for development and improvement, to feed into the Development Plan.

The Development Plan is a short term plan for projects that are either in the process of being implemented or about to be implemented.

The Development Plan - Covid-19 Markup is an update taking account the implications of Covid-19.

The Strategic Plan is a longer term plan with a lot less detail. Ideas are taken from this and put into the Development Plan.