Non Members on Group Activities

In general everyone who takes part in a Chepstow U3A Group Activity or comes to a Chepstow U3A Monthly Meeting must be covered by the Public Liability Insurance (PLI) provided by the Third Age Trust. This means that everyone must be a member of Chepstow U3A. However, there are the following exceptions to this rule.

  • Members of another U3A, because they are covered through membership of their own U3A
  • Prospective members. We want to encourage prospective members to join Chepstow U3A so they are allowed to come to our activities before they join but we must set a limit on how long they can be prospective members. We therefore stipulate that they are allowed to come to a maximum of two activities after which they must decide if they want to become a member of Chepstow U3A.
  • Non-members may, on a very occasional basis, attend Activity Groups including outings on a coach. It is not, however, acceptable for the same non-member to regularly attend U3A events. The PLI cover provided for you is for U3A members and therefore, should a non member be allowed to attend U3A activities on a regular basis and be involved in an incident, the U3A might find itself without liability cover.

Miscellaneous Points

  • Dogs are allowed on walking trips providing the Convener and members of the group have agreed to this. Dogs are not allowed on any other U3A activity.
  • Children are not allowed on any U3A Activity.
  • If a member fails to renew their membership, they effectively become a non member and therefore cannot attend U3A group activities. It is important that Conveners check that their members have renewed their U3A membership each year by using Beacon to check their list of members.

Public Liability Insurance

  • If you think that you may want to make a claim on our Public Liability Insurance please read the document Public and Products Liability FAQs to see if the policy is appropriate for your claim. Remember that this is NOT a Personal Accident policy.
  • Please complete an Incident/Accident Report Form to establish the facts and then discuss the potential claim with a member of the The Committee.