Essential Information for Conveners

GDPR, Members Personal Data, and u3a Circulation Lists
GDPR Logo We are governed by the 2018 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) so it is essential that Conveners do not misuse members' personal data. This is held on an on-line database called Beacon which Conveners are allowed access to.

  • You must not use u3a circulation lists for non u3a purposes
  • Do not send u3a information to non u3a members - using Beacon will ensure that you comply with this.
  • Keep your Beacon list up to date. This will allow you to confirm that all members of your group are Chepstow u3a members and are up to date with their subs.
  • If you have any queries about GDPR please click on Data Protection .
  • Please ensure that all u3a circulation lists are removed from your personal computer system.
  • Photographs are part of a members personal data. Do not take or publish their photographs unless you know that they are happy with this.

Beacon must be used by All Conveners

  • You will comply with GDPR when holding members data and sending emails
  • You can check that Group members are actually members of Chepstow u3a and have paid their subs.
  • It makes it easy when there is a change of convener or if there is more than one convener of the Group
  • You don't have to concern yourself if your members changes their details, this is handled by the membership secretary.
  • You can see which of your Group members are not on email
  • You can see a list of Venues for your Group. Conveners can update this list.
  • You will be able to see your Group's finance transactions online. Contact the Treasurer to be given access to the Finance option on Beacon.

New Members
Must fill in a Membership Form. Go to Membership and look for New Members for details of how to join. Gone are the days when they could simply supply a cheque and put their name and address on the back of the cheque (or an envelope). GDPR has put paid to that!

ALL Changes to the Group Convener
Please route these through the Convener Liaison Team They will make sure that all the appropriate people are informed and databases updated: Beacon, Magazine, and Website.

All Users of Chepstow Groups MUST be Chepstow u3a members
This includes members of other u3as. This is meant to protect you as Conveners because your u3a Public Liability Insurance cover may become invalid if non members are allowed to use our Groups. However, there are two exceptions to this.

  • Non members are allowed to try a group twice as a sort of 'taster' before they become a member of Chepstow u3a. Go to Non Members on Group Activities for more information.
  • For the Walking Weeks trip in the Autumn, we invite members of other UK u3a Walking Groups to join us. (If they are a member of an overseas u3a Walking Group they will have to join Chepstow u3a)

ALL Agreements must be signed by a Committee Member
WE CANNOT STRESS THIS STRONGLY ENOUGH! NON COMMITTEE MEMBERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SIGN ANY DOCUMENTS ON BEHALF OF CHEPSTOW u3a. This is to protect our members who are not covered by the same insurance policies as the Committee. If something goes wrong with something that they sign then they may become personally liable.

Your Web Page
Our web site is our window to the outside world so it not only keeps our own members informed but it is bringing an increasing number of members into Chepstow u3a. We are judged by its content so please ensure your web page is kept up to date. If you do not update it yourself please contact the Web Master to either show you how to do it or ask him to do it for you.

All Groups must be Self Financing
But you may be able get help with a start up grant or loan or help with capital equipment. Go to Group Financial Assistance for more information.

Free Places on trips
The value of these must be shared out among all participants in the trip. No member of Chepstow u3a, including conveners and committee members, must receive any financial benefit in cash or in kind from organising or taking part in any group activities. Out of pocket expenses are permissible.

Paying u3a Members
u3a members cannot charge for their time or services to their own or another u3a.

Groups Meeting in Members' Houses (when this is allowed after Covid)
Where members make contributions to refreshments etc., these should be for a nominal amount per member.

Petty Cash
Keep it to a minimum and no more than £50 to keep within the amount covered by our insurance.

Chepstow u3a Logo
Chepstow Logo 1 Please use this on all stationery and any publicity material and on any clothing such as T-shirts or sweat shirts. Copies of the logo are available from the Secretary or Marketing.

Venues and Health & Safety
The Health and Safety of our members should always be observed whether the activity is obviously higher risk such as table tennis and cycling or less obvious such as bookworms and languages. Go to Safe Use of Venues for guidance, and associated checklists (Venues Risk Assessment Checklist & Venue Checklist (Day of Use)), for ensuring that venues we use provide a safe environment for our members.
If an accident or incident does occur please complete an Incident/Accident Report Form. This is in case future problems arise we have a written account if the incident but also so we can learn from the incident to avoid it happening again.

Fully Subscribed Groups
If your group is full go to Fully Subscribed Groups to see what actions you need to take.

Subject Advisers
Go to the Third Age Trust web site then select 'Learning' and then 'Subject Advice'. However you will need a User ID and password, but this is easy to do.

We are a sponsorship, raffle ticket sales and charity collection-free zone