Group Conveners Role

Some General Thoughts

  • Let us be frank, on becoming a Convener you will enjoy it. Chepstow u3a is forward looking and supportive and we all value the work Conveners do.
  • Our advice from the start is not to do everything yourself. You are there to manage the group and organise its members so that it runs as smoothly as possible. You don’t have to be an expert in the subject of the Group. Some Conveners are (which is why they started the Group) but most aren't.
  • Ask someone to co-convene so you have someone to step in if you are not available.
  • Appoint a treasurer (if appropriate) to collect any money and liaise with the u3a Treasurer (Activities Account), or ask others to take responsibility for the room bookings (if appropriate), or to update your web page.
  • Please make a special effort to help new members. We hear sometimes of how isolated and even nervous a new member can feel.
  • There is an annual meeting for all Conveners and it is important for all to attend to be updated in any changes and above all to have a supportive discussion about how we are doing. A lot of good ideas have come from these meetings and you get the chance to meet other Conveners, discuss any problems, and you get a free lunch!
  • Groups are asked to do the teas at monthly meetings on a rota basis. As there are over 70 groups and about 10 monthly meetings per year this will only happen once every few years.


  • All financial transactions must be in line with the Group Financial Procedures;
  • Don't use your own Bank Account for managing your group money;
  • Contracts and bookings may only be entered into with the authority of a committee member;
  • If you hire premises for your meetings or arrange outings then you (or your group treasurer) must talk to the u3a Treasurer (Activities Account) before any arrangements are made.

Communicating with your Members using Beacon

  • You will need to communicate with your members and to do this you must use our Beacon system - this is simply a database of each of our member’s name, address, telephone number and email addresses.
  • It is maintained by the Membership Secretary but you have access to it for your members.
  • Beacon Help will supply you with a Beacon login ID and Beacon Group set up and we will follow this up with appropriate training as necessary.
  • Do not set up a circulation list on your own PC as this will contravene Date Protection regulations.

Web Site

  • You will also a have page of your own on our Web Site. Again you will be given details of how you can update this yourself or ask our web master to do it for you.

Non Members on u3a Group Activities
Generally only u3a members are allowed on our activities but there are exceptions so click on Non Members on Group Activities to see the details.

Useful ContactsConvener Liaison Teamfor all Activity Group queries
 Web Masterfor Web Site training and general queries about the web site
 Beacon Teamfor Beacon training and general queries about Beacon
 Treasurerfor all Financial queries
 Membershipfor all Membership queries

There are lots of other things that you will need to know as you settle into the role but help will always be available. If you are not sure who to contact, start with Convener Liaison Team.

Ideas for a Group Framework to be put on Group Page of Web Site

Chepstow u3a Widgets Group

You may wish to specify some of the following: (not all may be appropriate)

ConvenerJohn Smith621234
Co-convenerJane Jones987654
Other Co-conveners
TreasurerBill Money45678
Visits OrganiserJo Trip159753
Web PageIrene Spider2486258
Match OrganiserFred Sports741258
Every Thursday10.00 amMethodist Hall
Subscriptions£2.00 collected at each meeting
or Subscriptions£10.00collected quarterly
  • Payment for visits will be collected in advance and are generally non refundable
  • The progress of the group will be reviewed every 6 months