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AGM Account 2017
AGM Account 2018Independent Examiners Report 2018
AGM Account 2019Independent Examiners Report 2019
AGM Account 2020Independent Examiners Report 2020

Reserves Policy

  • We are a low risk charity:
  • Income is low risk as it nearly all comes in small amounts from the members or through the linked Gift Aid source. It would be unlikely to dry up suddenly and completely.
  • Expenditure is also low risk - there are limited continuing liabilities as there are no employees or properties or beneficiaries who would continue to need support if the charity folded. There will some continuing commitments - TAT, TAM, and Beacon which are all effectively paid a year in arrears.
  • Cash flow Profile - most of our income is received in January to April while the main expenditure doesn’t start until April.

We therefore aim to keep between £3,000 and £4,000 in our reserves to cover such items as the purchase expensive new equipment, any insurance claims, and any unexpected expenses.

Finance Documents for Conveners

Group Financial ProceduresAll you need to know about handling your group's money
Group Financial AssistanceIf you need financial help for your group