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Thinking of Becoming a Convener or Starting a New Group?

Activity Groups are the life blood of our u3a - without Groups there would be no Chepstow u3a - but we need members to run them. We call them Conveners. Perhaps surprisingly, you don’t have to be an expert in the subject of the group, you just have to make sure that the group runs smoothly.

We encourage members to suggest new groups and become Conveners and we will give you every assistance that we can. The first thing that you should do is to contact our Convener Liaison Team, details above, and talk things over with them. They will answer your questions and advise you what you have to do next.

Group Conveners Role is the next thing to look at after you have talked to Convener Liaison.
Starting a New Activity Group will update you on details but only after first talking to Convener Liaison..

A Web Page for your Group

Every Group has their own page on the Chepstow u3a Web Site, this is usually managed by the Convener or someone within your Group:

  • You can add your own personal touch to the page
  • You can add photographs
  • You can can keep it up to date with information and dates of events for your members.
  • Our web site is the window to the outside world. More and more new members are joining through the web site so if your page is interesting and informative it will attract new members to your Group.

Lots of Groups already maintain their own page (Dancing, Striders, Cycling, Badminton etc) and it is not as difficult as you might think.

If you are not editing your own page and you want to update it yourself contact Web Master to get a password and Chris will help you to update the page. For help in editing your page yourself click on Page Editor Help

Conveners Meetings

These are usually held annually to enable an exchange of ideas and information between the Groups and the Committee and between the Groups themselves. The ideas and suggestions that have emerged out of the discussions have resulted in many positive developments within our u3a for the benefit of all its members.

Virtual Conveners Meetings May 2020Notes of the Meetings
Conveners Meeting April 2019Notes of the meeting

Accidents or Incidents

If there is an accident or any other incident whilst on a Group activity then an Incident/Accident Report Form (PDF) or a Incident/Accident Report Form (Word) should be completed. One copy should be kept by the Convener and one given to the Secretary who will include it for discussion at the next Committee Meeting. The Secretary will retain it on file for a period of three years in case of a future claim even if this appears unlikely.

Summary of Useful Links

New ConvenersGroup Conveners RoleWhat is involved in being a Convener
Starting a New Activity GroupWhat to do, who to contact.
Existing ConvenersEssential Information for ConvenersConveners must be aware of everything in this document
Beacon Management SystemInformation on using Beacon
Refunds PolicyOur policy on refunding members if they have to cancel trips or holidays
Day and Overnight Trips and HolidaysWhat is the difference between these trips and what you have to know before you start to organise one.
Fully Subscribed GroupsIf you have more members than your group can take
Non Members on Group ActivitiesEssential information about when non members can come on our activities. Also dogs and children.
Zoom Hosting TipsHow to book a Zoom session, tips on hosting a Zoom meeting. Arranging Zoom training.
FinanceGroup Financial ProceduresLooking after your group's money
Group Financial AssistanceDoes your Group need financial assistance?
MiscellaneousIncident/Accident Report Form (PDF)Please complete if you have an accident however minor
Incident/Accident Report Form (Word)
Safe Use of VenuesEnsuring that venues provide a safe environment
Venues Risk Assessment ChecklistA checklist for venues when used for the first time
Venue Checklist (Day of Use)Key items to check each time venue is used
Convener Liaison TeamGroup Set Up ProcedureSteps in setting up a new Group