Group Set Up Procedure

Procedures for the Convener Liaison Team to follow to set up a new Activity Group. Update if necessary.
(CLT = Convener Liaison Team, WM = Web Master)

As soon as a Group is Suggested

  • Establish a name for the Group (it can be changed later)
  • CLT to set up the Group in Beacon'. Add Convener and Convener Liaison (see Adding cliaison to Group below) to the Group and make them both Conveners. Adding Convener Liaison and making Convener means that that when you log into Beacon as cliaison you can add/ members and email members of the Group and any replies will come back to the domain (see below)
  • Ask WM to set up web page with the Conveners name, phone and email. All other details can be added or changed later.

Get idea for a Group

  • From a member – this is the best way.
  • Ask members to suggest groups - not so good but ok.
  • Think of one yourself and see if members are interested - can be hard work.
  • Idea from another u3a - same as above

Get a Convener

  • The member who suggested the group – this is the best way
  • From among those who are interested in the group
  • Encourage more than one! Many hands make light work. Perhaps one will do the money, another the web site, another Beacon etc.
  • If no one will step forward to be Convener then just say there will be no Group! If members are keen to have the group them someone will come forward as Convener. DON'T SAY THAT YOU WILL DO IT!!!!!


  • Log into Beacon as Convener Liaison.
  • Set up the Group in Beacon as soon as it is suggested. Add the new Convener and Convener Liaison to the Group and make them Conveners.
  • Get a User ID from the Beacon team for each Convener. This is an individual User ID and password for the Convener. It is nothing to do with the User ID and password for the Web Site (see later).
  • Get the Beacon team to do the basic training for each Convener. It is not really your job to do it but if you become a Beacon expert you might end up doing part of it.
  • Before deleting or renaming a group in Beacon, you need to check with the Treasurer. There is a direct link between the list of groups and the financial ledger. If you delete or rename a group in the groups list it is also deleted in the financial ledger and therefore the accounts don't add up. If in doubt contact the Treasurer

Web Site

  • Get a Web page set up by the WM as soon as the Group is suggested.
  • Get a User ID and password off WM for the Convener. This is unique for the web page and is nothing to do with the Beacon User ID and password!
  • Get training from WM or maybe yourself if you become an expert in the web site.
  • (or have a member of the CLT who manages web pages or trains Conveners)
  • Update Groups Summary page
  • Update Groups Day-by-Day page when the day the group meets has been established

Advertising Possibilities for the Group

  • Web site – New Groups
  • Magazine
  • Email to all members by CLT
  • Monthly Meeting (CLT may do this)
  • FB

Forming the Group

  • Get everyone together – Coffee Morning or Monthly Meeting is a good time.
  • Decide frequency, date and time
  • Find Venue – use Venues on Beacon. If you find a new venue, add it to Beacon.
  • Decide what to charge.
  • Decide if have to use Activities Account. If yes, contact Treasurer


  • Once the group is formed update the back pages of the magazine. You are responsible for ensuring that the entries on these pages are kept up to date
  • Consider an article in the magazine about the group


  • Update Groups Day-by-Day and Groups Summary on web site if not already done so.
  • The number showing initial interest will reduce to at least a half to the number actually taking up the group for various reasons: can’t make the day or time, was a good idea at the time but not really interested, etc
  • Members will leave the group once it is started as it will not be what they really wanted so it is important to advertise
  • Some groups will develop slowly others more quickly
  • Once a group has started write an article for the magazine
  • Some groups will have a large following (Recorders, Bridge) others will only have small numbers. This doesn’t matter as long as the members of the group are enjoying it.
  • If a venue is booked the committee will pay for the first invoice
  • If a group fails or doesn't get off the ground don't take it as a personal failure! It happens.
  • When someone ceases to be a Convener, tell the Beacon Team to remove them from Beacon!

  • This is for the use of the CLT
  • When you log into Beacon as Convener Liaison this is the email address that is 'attached' to you so replies will come back to this email address
  • It can be accessed from using the password you have been given
  • See also Domains for Chepstow u3a for information about our domains.

Adding cliaison to a Group

  • Load Beacon using cliaison
  • Go into Members
  • Type 'conv' in the Quick find box and enter
  • Put a tick in the Select box against Convener Liaison (CL)
  • Select 'Add to Group' in the 'Send Email' box and then find the Group you want to add to
  • Click 'Do with Selected'
  • Go back to the main menu and then Groups and into the Group and make CL a Convener.
  • NOTE: once you have made the change you will have to go out of Groups and back again for it to take effect. Refreshing screen might also work.