CG Tablets and iPads

Remember that not all Tablets are the same so what works for one does not always work for another. Click Derek Shottin to send a message or if you want to amend or add something to the list below.

Do You Need Anti Virus Software?

  • Tablets aren't as susceptible as other computers but it is still technically possible for them to be infected.
  • You can download a free App from Norton, McAfee AVG, or Avast. I have just put Avast on mine.

Email Account Settings & Contacts

  • Go into the the Email icon on your home screen and then select the 'Side Menu' icon (see Keyboard Icons 2, bottom symbol) near the top of the screen.
  • This will list all your folders and at the bottom you will find 'Settings'
  • General Settings allows you to amend settings for all email accounts. There are a lot of options within this list and I suggest that you browse through these to see if any are applicable to you.
  • Selecting a particular Email address lets you change settings for that email address only. One of the options is to Sync it with its use on any other device. Again browse through the options and see if you want to change any of the default options.
  • Selecting Add Account allows you to add further email addresses.
  • Alternatively, go into the Email icon from your home screen and then select the circle with a letter in it in the top right hand corner of the screen. This gives you the options of Add Account or Manage Accounts which seems to give different options to above.
  • To update your Contacts select the Contacts Icon on your home page and add, amend or delete. This will be synced with your account on any other devices.

E Books: Borrowing and Buying

  • To borrow E books and Audio books from the Monmouthshire and Gloucestershire Libraries you need to be a member of the Libraries
  • You have to download the 'BorrowBox' App
  • I download E books into Adobe Digital Editions on my PC and then load them onto my Reader. I have not tried reading from my Tablet because it is heavier than my Reader.
  • Once I have selected them from the library Audio books are linked from my Tablet to BorrowBox so I have to be connected to the Internet. I think that I could download the books onto my Tablet but I haven't tried this.
  • To buy E books and Audio books go into Play Books and choose from their selection

Settings - Printing

  • You cannot connect direct to a printer - you have to connect via WiFi
  • If you have a WiFi printer, try printing, it may work.
  • If it doesn't, find out the make and model of your printer and download the driver from the Play Store

Settings - WiFi

  • Turns on and off WiFi
  • Lists all available networks
  • Click on the one you want and enter the password
  • Next time you are close to this WiFi network your Tablet will remember the password and link automatically

Phone Calls on Facebook (FB) using Messenger

  • You have to be on FB - you automatically get Messenger with FB
  • You can then phone up anyone who is your 'friend' on FB. Just look for the telephone icon.
  • I am told that they are free.

Using FB

  • FB is useful for keeping up to date with whatever interests you
  • For your own page you only have to input the minimum of data and then become a member of groups that interest you. eg.
  • Chepstow U3A
  • Chepstow Community
  • Strictly Come Dancing
  • Guide Dogs Cymru
  • etc

Dictating instead of Typing

  • Whenever you get the keyboard - Emails, Internet search, Word documents etc
  • Select the 'Dictation' or microphone symbol (see Keyboard Icons 1, fourth icon from the top) - wait for the beep and speak clearly. I find that it is amazingly accurate and very useful.
  • The symbol is near the space bar on my keyboard but it is on the top on Jackie's so note what the symbol looks like and hunt around your keyboard!

Using Word and Spreadsheets

  • I have never done this, preferring to use my PC but I assume that it is basically the same though you have to purchase the software for the Tablet
  • Foes anyone use their Tablet for these purposes?

Can I load What's App on My Tablet

  • No because you need a telephone number and a SIM card and Tablets don't have either
  • BUT there is an App called Tablet Messenger you still use WhatsApp, without extra SIM card. This app helps you to access all your calls and contacts via WhatsApp Web on your tablet.
  • But you will also need a Smartphone
  • Click on for details